The new MHZ collection for vertical blinds

Tailor-made in shape, colour and function

Sophisticated colour palettes, modern patterns and more than 400 high-quality fabrics - the new MHZ vertical blind collection sets home-living trends and adds a special touch to any room.


The collection in overview:

The laser-cut patterns: Filigree, playful, inspirational

Four unique patterns are the star of the show, having been laser cut to create incredible light effects in the room. Filigree, playful, inspirational – the innovative designs in this exceptional collection boast a special dynamic, adding stylish accents to decorative sun protection.


Further highlights

More fabrics, colours, possibilities

63 fabric qualities in multiple colours facilitate a comprehensive product portfolio of more than 400 fabrics. With such choice, the new MHZ vertical blind collection offers almost limitless possibilities for creative design.


New fabric qualities

Be it a blackout jacquard fabric with a subtle shine that fits in perfectly with the current shabby chic trend or a high-quality polyester with a rough texture the MHZ vertical blind collection uses fascinating texture to bring fashionable flair into rooms. Also available for the first time as a ‘fil-coupé‘ fabric featuring: it weft threads that are cut after weaving to create a fascinating texture, creating a unique structure.

213 RAL single colours

Selected fabric qualities are also available in 213 RAL colours. The vertical blinds thus fit into practically any colour scheme - to create an individual home-living design.


To the Design Collection

Fabric qualities for commercial construction

When it comes to commercial projects, the new collection delights with functional fabrics. Especially the aluminium and Perlex coating on the backside of the slats ensures optimal light and heat reflection.

Products that absorb sound boost the acoustics in the room, stopping any echo from occurring. Fabrics with an antibacterial finish provide extra protection against germs and bacteria. Flame-resistant and nonflammable products round off the product range.



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