Vertical blinds with battery-powered radio drives

Enjoy daylight at the press of a button

You're reading on the couch and it's starting to get dark? You're eating lunch together and the glare of the sun is blinding? You have to strain to reach the blind behind the sofa? You can position the vertical blind perfectly with just one press of a button. Via the remote control and battery-powered radio drive the vertical slats can be opened, closed or turned. So that the incoming light suits every situation you want.


Easily installed without any cables

The 18-volt battery-operated motor integrated into the vertical blind and the remote control system make any laborious installation work superfluous. There is no need for any control or power lines.

The electric vertical blinds can be installed in next to no time in any room. Even where no direct electricity connection is available. Immediately after installation and activation of the remote control unit, the system can be used to open, close and turn the slats. Motor and battery blend into the blind in such a way that they create an harmonious overall appearance. The battery life is between six months and two years – dependent on individual use. The battery then needs to be recharged, which is made possible by a charging socket on the side and a charging cable.


Conveniently operate by radio control

Using the hand-held transmitter or wall-mounted switch, the battery-powered vertical blinds can be operated conveniently by radio remote control. The battery-powered motor fitted on the head rail moves and turns the slats effortlessly. Incoming sunlight can thus be controlled according to the situation. Blinds installed behind sofas or at great heights can also be easily moved in this way from a distance.


The electric vertical blinds with battery-powered motor offer multiple advantages – in terms of installation, ease of use and service life.

Precise control

Using the remote control unit or wall switch the blinds can be opened, closed and turned. The battery-powered motor positions the slats precisely – matching the desired need for light.

Compact construction

The long-lasting 18-volt rechargeable battery is positioned inconspicuously next to the motor behind the rail. The blinds thus create an harmonious overall appearance.

No cables required

Installation requires no wiring by an electrician: the battery-powered motorised system is quickly installed – without laying any cables. The plaster thus remains undamaged.

Long operating duration

The 18-volt rechargeable battery has a high energy density. Its high charge capacity ensures a long operating duration. Dependent on individual use, the battery keeps the blind working for between six months and two years before needing its next recharge.

Vertical blinds

Individual, infinitely variable protection from sunlight and prying eyes: vertical blinds modulate the daylight entering through large window areas, doors and skylights. For computer workstations they provide glare-free light. We can provide the right model to fulfil individual wishes.

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