Made-to-measure curtain rails & curtain rods

High-quality curtain rails and curtain rods from MHZ

Curtain rails and curtain rods are among the most important elements in interior design. They are used to hang and attach curtains, net curtains or other window furnishings. A wide range of different versions, materials and designs is available to meet individual needs and tastes.


Curtain rods and curtain rails from MHZ are timeless classics and are suitable for any room. They give your curtains support and show them off perfectly. MHZ made-to-measure curtain rods and curtain rails impress customers not only with their function, but also thanks to their carefully selected materials and well-thought-out details.

Curtain rails for ceiling installation and wall installation

A curtain rail is a narrow, long rail that is mounted on the ceiling. Curtains can be attached to and moved along the rail using special gliders. The curtain rail, as opposed to the curtain rod, is usually barely visible and offers a more discreet way to hang curtains. Since the rail is mounted on the ceiling with screws, curtains can also be positioned in hard-to-reach places, for example on high windows or sloping ceilings. Alternatively, the rail can be mounted on the wall. Brackets that can be matched to suit the furnishings are used for this purpose.

Ceiling rails are particularly suitable for heavy curtains or room partitions, but also for curtains made of lightweight fabrics. MHZ curtain rails are made of either aluminium or plastic. Made-to-measure curtain rails can be individually adapted to suit your particular room.

You can choose whether you prefer to integrate your MHZ curtain rail into the ceiling so it is concealed or to make a decorative feature of it by adding a cover.

Benefits of curtain rails

  • Individually made-to-measure
  • Wide choice of models
  • Choice of ceiling installation or wall installation
  • Can be used in vertical windows and doors, curved models can also be used in bay windows, semicircular arches and gable windows
  • 1-track, 2-track, 3-track or even multi-track rails available
  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Choice of electric or manual operation
  • High-quality design thanks to matt powder-coated colours

Get inspired

MHZ Curtain rail - FUTUR 1-track

MHZ Curtain rod - LEE / LUV

MHZ Curtain rod - NOVELL

MHZ Curtain rod - SNÄPS

MHZ Curtain rod - SKALAR

MHZ Curtain rod - TOKIE

Possible uses for curtain rails

Curtain rails can be used to hang curtains in front of vertical windows and doors as well as in front of large windows and glazed frontages. Horizontally or vertically curved rails are suitable for curtains in bay windows, semicircular arches or gable windows. The rails also provide a way to attach room partitions or pictures.

Types of installation for curtain rails

Curtain rails are predominantly suitable for installation on the ceiling. These are then referred to as ceiling rails. Some models can be mounted on the wall using wall brackets. Special flush-mounted curtain rails can be fitted underneath the ceiling plasterboard for an even more minimalist look. The curtains then appear to float from the ceiling.

Operation of curtain rails

Depending on the selected model, the curtains can be operated by hand, pull cord, draw rod or via an electric drive along the curtain rail. They are also suitable for particularly high windows or ceilings.

MHZ curtain rail materials

In our factory, we manufacture custom aluminium rails and plastic rails according to your requirements.

Hardware colours

RAL 9016

White matt

RAL 9005

Black matt

RAL 9006

Silver matt

Multi-track curtain rails

Two-track or multi-track rail systems provide even greater flexibility when designing rooms or making functional use of them. A two-track curtain rail has two rails running in parallel so that the curtains can be moved separately on the two rails. This allows two or more different types of curtain or fabric to be combined in one rail system.

For example, lightweight curtains or sliding panel track blinds can be attached to the front running track of the ceiling rail to let in light during the day. Heavier curtains attached to the rear track can have a dim-out effect and/or provide better insulation.

Made-to-measure curtain rods

Helle Vorhangstange mir rosa Vorhang

Curtain rods can be mounted on walls or ceilings, depending on the model, and are made of materials such as aluminium, steel, brass or iron. They come in numerous designs and finishes, ranging from sleek and modern to rustic and fun. Whether black, white, silver or gold: MHZ made-to-measure curtain rods are available in a variety of different colours.

A curtain rod or curtain pole is a straight rod/pole, usually made of metal, to hang curtains with rings or hooks. They are usually mounted on the wall to the right and left of the window. End pieces in different styles add wonderful accents to the room and make a decorative statement. Some of our curtain rods combine the functions of a rail with the decorative elements of a curtain rod. In this case, the curtain can be hooked into a channel via gliders, just like on a rail. Be sure to choose an end piece that matches your decor too.

Benefits of curtain rods

  • Individually made-to-measure
  • Choice of ceiling installation or wall installation
  • Easy to install
  • Large selection of end pieces
  • Made of high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel, brass or iron
  • Choice of different colours such as black, white, gold or silver
  • Can span up to 3 metres, thanks to MHZ pressure bar technology
  • Can be used in vertical windows and doors, curved models can also be used in bay windows, semicircular arches and gable windows

Operation of curtains on curtain rods

Our curtains on curtain rods can be operated with a draw rod or by hand.


Types of installation for curtain rods

Depending on the model, the curtain rod or curtain pole is mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Large selection of end pieces and materials

Is your interior style classically elegant, opulent, Scandinavian or minimalist? Wonderful! Because our end pieces are available in various designs to match your interior design style. We also offer a wide range of materials to suit every taste: whether you prefer V2A steel, brass and hand-forged iron or a novel mix of materials – our end pieces are the perfect finishing touch for your room.

No sagging thanks to MHZ pressure bar

The idea for the MHZ pressure bar comes from bridge building. Just like a bridge spans from bank to bank, it stretches itself taut from bracket to bracket. It can therefore cover a distance of up to three metres – even passing over roller shutter cases and wall projections. On the inside the aluminium profile builds up pressure and pre-tensions the running bar.

Highlights made of aluminium

Three color variations


Silberne Vorhangstange mit hellem Vorhang vor dem Fenster

Four color variations & three sizes


Four color variations & two sizes


Four color variations & two sizes


Silberne Vorhangstange mit braunem Vorhang

Nine color variations & seven sizes


Vorhangstange mit hellem Vorhang als Sichtschutz vor einem Fenster

Five color variations & two sizes


  • Snäps: barely visible, the “Snäps” bracket snaps into the running bar.
  • Cube: the clear and timeless shapes of the Cube end pieces are particularly appealing in chrome-plated aluminium. Combine new fabrics with high-quality decorative pieces and create a stunning room design.
  • Luv & Lee: the bracket and end piece blend together perfectly and offer a new approach, both aesthetically and technically speaking.
  • A harmonious balance between room and curtain – that’s what the Novell ceiling bracket creates. Thanks to its height adjustment feature, it compensates for uneven ceilings and ensures a balanced overall look. And at the same time it combines high performance with sophisticated design.
  • An elegant addition to the Skalar collection: the Tokie ceiling bracket spans ceiling distances of up to approx. 70 mm.

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Curtain rail or curtain rod, which is better?

When choosing between curtain rails and curtain rods, the main factors to consider are the weight and composition of the curtains. Heavy fabrics are better attached to a sturdy rail, whereas lightweight fabrics look better on a filigree rod. Unlike the curtain rod, the curtain rail is barely visible and offers a more discreet way to hang curtains. Since the rail is mounted on the ceiling, curtains can also be positioned in hard-to-reach places, such as high windows or sloping ceilings. Above all, the style of the room and personal preferences play an important role in choosing the right solution and type of mounting.

Have you seen our curtains collection yet?

In addition to our made-to-measure curtain rails and curtain rods, MHZ of course offers made-to-measure curtains. Choose from a variety of functional fabrics and colours to create your very own dream curtains.