MHZ Flächenvorhang YUKI an den Fenster im Wohnbereich

Made-to-measure panel blinds

High-quality panel blinds from MHZ

Flächenvorhang in blau und weiß im Schlafzimmer Flächenvorhang mit gezeichneten Gesichtern als Muster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ made-to-measure panel blinds are a real eye-catcher and at the same time provide practical privacy protection – especially for larger windows. Whether opaque or transparent, beige, grey, white or multicoloured: the wide range of fabrics in different panel patterns and colours lends rooms a great ambience.

These modern panel blinds from MHZ can also be used as a room partition. They can be easily moved, positioned next to or behind each other as desired and effortlessly replaced. All that is required is a discreet rail system installed on the ceiling, where the fabric lengths are inserted via panel carriers.

Benefits of panel blinds

  • Individually made-to-measure
  • Suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows and glazed frontages
  • Ideal for large windows
  • Also suitable for curved windows
  • Can be used to provide glare protection or privacy protection, but also as a room partition for bedrooms, children’s rooms, offices, living rooms or bathrooms
  • Easy to operate – electric or manual, with a rod or cord
  • Washable
  • Installation on the wall or ceiling
  • Large selection of modern patterns, designs and colours
  • Custom printing available

Get inspired

Cremefarbener Flächenvorhang im Wohnzimmer

MHZ Panel blinds - Motif ARTAK (2088)

Cremefarbener Flächenvorhang mit braunem Muster zwischen Sofa und Fenster

MHZ Panel blinds - Motif KATI (2392)

MHZ Flächenvorhang YUKI an den Fenster im Wohnbereich

MHZ Panel blinds - Motif YUKI (1518))

Grau gemusterte Flächenvorhänge als Lichtschutz im Wohnbereich

MHZ Panel blinds - Motif JAINA (1189)

Lichtschutz durch die grauen Flächenvorhänge im Wohnbereich

MHZ Panel blinds - Fabric LEWIS dark grey (3408)

Uses and functions of panel blinds

Panel blinds for privacy protection and sun protection

Made-to-measure panel blinds are a practical alternative to classic curtains and net curtains. The benefits for you: the fabric is smooth and falls evenly without creasing. Their flat aesthetic helps to create a calm ambience in the room. They are particularly suitable for large glass facades, as privacy protection with transparent and light fabrics or as sun protection with darker, opaque fabrics. They can also be used as glare protection. Because they can be easily moved along the rails, they allow you to control the amount of light coming into the room.

MHZ Flächenvorhang TESSA an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer
Raumtrenner im Wellnessbereich durch cremefarbene Flächenvorhänge

Panel blinds as room partition

Thanks to their straight, smooth shape, panel blinds are also ideal as room partitions, for example to separate a home office from living and dining areas. Alternatively, these custom-made blinds can be used as fabric sliding doors for wardrobes or hallways, for example. The option of custom printing, with your own unique design on the blind, is another great benefit.

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What is a panel blind?

Nahaufnahme von einem dunklen Flächenvorhang von MHZ

Panel blinds are a decorative way to provide privacy and sun protection, with smooth, vertically hanging fabric lengths that can be conveniently moved along rails. The fabric is attached to a slat traveller – also called a panel carrier – which is concealed inside the support rail. This makes it look as if the panel blind is floating almost weightlessly from the ceiling. As a custom-made product, MHZ panel blinds are equally suitable as privacy and sun protection for floor-to-ceiling windows or glazed frontages, as well as room partitions.

When it comes to choosing patterns, there are attractive options available for your individual interior design style, such as panels of varying widths, different transparency levels or certain weaves in the fabric.

The combination of hardware and high-quality fabric further highlights the special aesthetic and modern character of MHZ panel blinds. A clear design language complements and enhances almost any design concept.

What is the difference between panel blinds, vertical blinds and classic curtains?

Flächenvorhänge, Lamellenvorhänge und Vorhänge im direkten Vergleich

The choice between curtains, vertical blinds and panel blinds depends on your personal needs and decorating style. Curtains are classic and timeless, while vertical blinds are a modern option with precise light control. Panel blinds are wider than curtains and are perfect for large windows or sliding doors. Whatever type of blind or curtain you choose, they can all make a great addition to your window furnishings.

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Highlights of the collection

MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv DONNA

Bright Sunset


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv ARTAK

Wooden Styles


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv HARO

Greenery & Oceancy


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv FACES

Pure Essence


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv WALDO

Bright Sunset


Pure Essence


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv TESSA

Greenery & Oceancy


Industrial Grey


Pure Essence


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv IRMA

Bright Sunset


Pure Essence


Auswahl aus 213 Farben


Installation and operation of panel blinds

Our panel blind rails can be installed on walls and ceilings. We also manufacture horizontal curved blinds on request.

The made-to-measure panel blinds are operated by a draw rod or a cord. The individual panels can also be moved freely by hand. An electric motor offers even greater convenience.

For the purists – CARAT_24 panel blind rail from MHZ

Our CARAT_24 rail system has been developed to create a clean, minimalist appearance that has the same look from every angle. The hardware is hidden from view and integrated into the rail with a tiny footprint. The specially developed clip and bracket mounting elements allow it to be installed on walls and ceilings easily and almost invisibly. Thanks to innovative hardware, the panel carrier can be easily hooked into the rail from underneath and also removed again – according to your individual wishes and needs.

We also offer a wide range of other rail systems.

Washing and cleaning panel blinds

The fabric lengths can be easily removed and, depending on the fabric, washed by hand or in the washing machine.

Cleaning by hand washing:

  1. Remove the weighting bar.
  2. Remove the fabric panels from the panel carriers and roll them up loosely. For CARAT_24 panel blinds, remove the panel carrier from the rail by lifting it slightly upwards and guiding it backwards. Then remove the fabric panel from the panel carrier by pushing the metal bracket upwards and pulling the fabric panel out.
  3. Swirl the rolled-up panel in lukewarm mild detergent solution – preferably in the bathtub – then rinse with clean running water (use only liquid detergent).
  4. Leave the fabric panels to drip dry over the tub (do not wring out), then hang them back in the rail while still damp. If the fabric lengths are slightly creased after hand washing, they can also be ironed carefully with the iron on its lowest setting.


If you have any questions, your dealer will be happy to help you.


Cleaning with the washing machine:

  1. Remove the weighting bar.
  2. Remove the fabric panels from the panel carrier.
  3. Machine wash at max. 30°C on a delicate wash cycle and spin at max. 800 rpm. We recommend using a mild detergent.
  4. Dry the fabric panels without creasing and iron, with the iron on its lowest setting, while still damp if possible. Attach the fabric panels to the panel carrier and push the weight profile back in.


If you have any questions, your dealer will be happy to help you.

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