Braune Vorhänge als Sichtschutz im Schlafzimmer

Made-to-measure curtain

High-quality curtains from MHZ

Sonnenschutz durch graue Vorhängt im Wohnzimmer Blaue Vorhänge als Sichtschutz in Arbeitsräumen

Opaque, semi-transparent or transparent, black, white, beige or multicoloured: Made-to-measure curtains from MHZ are timeless classics when it comes to privacy protection and sun protection. At the same time, they make rooms feel cosy and work extremely well as a decorative element. The various fabrics and colours of net curtains can be adapted optimally to any room situation – they make the perfect finishing touch for your home. Curtains with thick fabrics also have an insulating effect. Drawn closed, the made-to-measure products can prevent warmth from escaping in the winter, while in summer they can protect rooms from heating up. These timeless classics are especially popular in living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. However, they are also indispensable in commercial settings such as hotels or restaurants.


Advantages of curtains

  • Modern and high-quality made-to-measure materials
  • A range of net curtain fabrics – from opaque to semi-transparent to transparent
  • Fabrics with different functional properties such as acoustic, dim-out/blackout, antibacterial, recycled fabrics or linen curtains
  • Depending on the transparency level of the fabric, it can be used for dim-out, blackout or privacy protection
  • Other possible uses include sound insulation, room partition or in place of doors as a door curtain
  • Make rooms cosy
  • Flexible configuration: Available with ruffle tape, pleating tape, wave, single hand pleat and pinch pleat finishes
  • For small and large windows

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Sichtschutz in Arbeitsräumen durch cremefarbene Vorhänge

MHZ Curtains - Fabric SELENE light grey (3310)

Braune Vorhänge als Sichtschutz im Schlafzimmer

MHZ Curtains - Fabric NERON beige (3382)

Blaue Vorhänge als Sichtschutz im Schlafzimmer

MHZ Curtains - Lining fabric VARIAN (3451)

Cremefarbene Raffrollos als Vorhänge für einen Sichtschutz in Arbeitsräumen

MHZ Curtains - Fabric ASHELIA white (3395)

Uses and functions of curtains

Made-to-measure curtains and net curtains for privacy protection, glare and sun protection

Made-to-measure curtains are a great decorative way of maintaining privacy in your rooms. They can also be used to block out glaring sunlight. Depending on the transparency of the fabrics, they can be used for privacy and/or sun protection.

Made-to-measure transparent curtains create an open atmosphere in your home and are especially suitable when a pleasant atmosphere is more important in the room than strong privacy protection.

If you wish to have more privacy in your rooms, opaque fabrics are best suited for the curtain material. These net curtain materials usually ensure stronger sun protection and glare protection.

Cremefarbene Raffrollos als Vorhänge für einen Sichtschutz in Arbeitsräumen

For a mix of transparent and opaque, it is best to choose a semi-transparent curtain material. These fabrics are typically only partially transparent, making them ideal for light privacy protection. It is still possible to see through the fabric slightly. Different transparency levels and colours can be combined on multi-track rails to add even more textile character and functionality.

Curtains for a dim-out or blackout effect

To darken or fully black out your rooms, MHZ made-to-measure curtains are available in opaque dim-out and blackout fabrics, so that a tranquil ambiance penetrates the rooms in the evening and you are not woken up by the sun in the morning. To reach the maximum blackout level, the made-to-measure curtains are adapted to your room dimensions to the centimetre.

Braune Vorhänge als Sichtschutz im Schlafzimmer

Curtains for insulation against cold and heat

Made-to-measure thick, heavy curtain materials can act as thermal curtains and insulate windows when drawn. This means they prevent cold outside air from making its way in through the windows in the winter. At the same time, curtains can stop heated air from escaping through the windows from the inside. This has a similar effect in summer: The heat is trapped behind the closed curtains and so enters the room less.

Made-to-measure curtains for room partition or as a door substitution

Curtains for partitioning rooms can be a cost-effective and aesthetic way of dividing or separating areas within apartments or houses without installing a fixed wall.

Curtains are also an alternative to conventional doors. Particularly in situations where a door is impractical or unwanted. Made-to-measure products offer high flexibility in terms of interior design as they can be replaced at the hanging point – curtain pole or rail – whenever required and offer a large variety of fabrics and colours.

Blaue Vorhänge als Sichtschutz in Arbeitsräumen

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What is the difference between a made-to-measure curtain and a net curtain?

Net curtains are usually made of light, transparent fabric, while curtains tend to be made of heavy, usually thick and opaque materials. Net curtains are more commonly used for privacy protection or as a purely decorative element, whereas curtains are ideal for a dim-out or complete blackout effect in rooms.

Both products can be combined with other privacy and sun protection solutions, such as Roman blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds and many others.

Fabric collection – Textiles by MHZ

Exclusive selection of high-quality and functional fabrics

High-quality and functional fabrics for curtains play an important role in creating an atmosphere in rooms while also meeting practical needs. Choose from a variety of woven fabrics with special properties for your individual requirements and needs. These include, for example, acoustic fabrics, dim-out/blackout fabrics, bioactive fabrics and recycled fabrics. These innovative fabrics offer not only special functions, they are also flame-retardant and easy to clean. The collection is also designed to be compatible with all products, even Roman blinds and panel blinds.



Our exclusive fabrics include an exquisite selection of textiles – specially woven for MHZ – in two different transparency levels – transparent and non-transparent – and a total of 34 colours. All fabrics are woven in two colours, which gives them a unique, iridescent finish.

Acoustic fabrics are specially-developed fabrics that absorb sound and can improve the acoustics in a room. They are ideal for rooms where good sound insulation is required, such as conference spaces, offices or music rooms. With their sound absorption ability, acoustic fabrics can contribute towards noise reduction and create a calmer and more pleasant environment.

The dim-out/blackout fabrics are perfect for rooms where a complete blackout effect is required, such as bedrooms, children's rooms or presentation rooms. These fabrics block out almost all of the incoming light and, in this way, offer maximum privacy protection and an effective means of controlling the light.

Detailansicht von einem cremefarbenem Flächenvorhang in einem Wohnbereich

Bioactive fabrics are fabrics with antibacterial properties that hinder the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Made-to-measure curtains made of this material are ideal for rooms with high hygienic requirements or areas with high humidity, such as kitchens, doctors’ surgeries, care facilities or cosmetic studios.

Recycled fabrics are sustainable materials made from ocean plastic, among other things. As a result, they help save resources and cut down on waste. The MARE fabric, for example, consists of up to 50 percent ocean plastic collected from the beach. This is then processed by local recycling companies into homogeneous granulate and subsequently woven into yarn.

Our basic fabrics are available in many colours and different transparency levels and reveal their full beauty when combined with your unique furnishings.

Our lining fabrics offer timeless elegance with a touch of luxury. They are a sophisticated head-turner and impress with their high-quality, striking appearance. Their two-layer machining, comprising upper material and lining, gives curtains an unrivalled sumptuous drop.

Choose from the “Textiles by MHZ” collection










EKKO sand


HELIOS black


HELIOS bordeaux


LEWIS beige


LEWIS white


MARE creme




NERON beige


SELENE anthracite




SOLIDOR silver


SONARA green



Installation options for curtains and net curtains

There are different ways of installing a curtain or made-to-measure net curtain. In most cases, these are attached to a curtain rod or rail. Curtain rails or runners are a popular choice for ensuring that the installation remains “concealed”, where the wall is curved or the window is in a recess. The way the curtain is hung offers various options. MHZ curtains and net curtains are available with the following finishings:


Curtain finishing

Ruffle tape/pleating tape

Can be equipped with different gliders and hooks or eyelets. Available with universal ruffle tape or 3/4/5-way extra-secure pleating tape.


Enables an even pleat pattern. Special curtain tape with hooks and fixed glider spacing determines the desired wave depth.

Pinch pleats

Create an ornamental effect through simple or multiple folding (1-, 2- or 3-way). The curtains can be adjusted individually in height thanks to Microflex hooks sewn into the back. This makes it possible to balance out height differences in the floor or ceiling.

Single hand pleats

These are hand-folded, fixed pleats. The glider is secured to the upper edge of the pleat with a machine.

Individual configuration of made-to-measure curtains

You have freedom when it comes to the design of your made-to-measure curtains. Whether you want the made-to-measure curtain to rest a few centimetres on the floor or be suspended a few centimetres above it is down to your personal preference.

Curtains can also be made or installed individually or in pairs. Where the made-to-measure curtain is single, it will be one individual curtain panel that covers the entire width of the window. It can be positioned either on the left or right of the window. Double or split made-to-measure curtains come in pairs. They are usually panels of the same width and are pushed to the side on the left and right of the window.

Have you seen our made-to-measure curtain rails and curtain rods?

Vorhangstange mit rosa Vorhang

In addition to curtains, our range includes matching made-to-measure curtain rails and curtain rods. Black, white, silver, brass or nickel-coloured, matt or gloss, with or without eyelets: We make your individual made-to-measure curtain rail or curtain rod according to your requirements and the operating conditions.

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