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Made-to-measure honeycomb blinds

High-quality honeycomb blinds from MHZ

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Made-to-measure DUETTE® honeycomb blinds from MHZ have many different practical functions. As privacy and sun protection, they are a real head-turner. Because the cords are on the inside and there are no punched holes through which sunlight can shine, they provide the best blackout options. But that's not all: Their honeycomb pattern creates insulating air chambers, which means the blinds are ideal for absorbing sound and providing insulation at the window. Discover made-to-measure MHZ honeycomb blinds for your interior and choose from a variety of fabrics in different patterns, colours and shapes – from transparent and opaque to blackout.

Thanks to millimetre-precise custom manufacture, a honeycomb blind is ideal for special shape windows such as triangular windows, round windows, skylights and patio doors. Adhesive beads or clamp brackets also allow the made-to-measure honeycomb blind to be installed on the window without drilling and screwing. At the same time, it visually enhances rooms, allowing you to experiment with light to achieve various ambiences.


Advantages of DUETTE® honeycomb blinds:

  • Made-to-measure for your individual window dimensions
  • Can be used for glare protection, privacy protection, blackout, sound insulation and thermal insulation for bedrooms, children's rooms, studies/home offices, living rooms or bathrooms
  • Honeycomb blinds for gluing or clamping make installation possible without drilling and screwing
  • Wall/ceiling or window installation possible
  • Ideal for special shapes such as triangular windows or round windows and also angled windows, skylights and conservatories
  • The honeycomb blind fabrics are easy to clean
  • Also ideal for wide windows thanks to the compensating device
  • Available in various fabric types with patterns, textures or plain colours
  • Can be operated manually or electrically, also smart home compatible
  • Various models as free-hanging or clamped honeycomb blinds

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif SCANDY (6883)

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif NAMASTE (6892 & 6893)

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif LEO (6864)

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif BATIK (6912)

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif JUNGLE and JUNGLE JACK (6855, 6858, 6852)

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif DELHI (6672)

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Fabric RELIFE (6029)

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif SHADOW (6664)

Wabenplissees mit grafischen Motiv Facette in Orange an vier Fenstern

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif FACETTE (6640)

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Fabric ELAN Fulltone (6364)

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds in special shapes - Fabric ELAN (6018)

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif DEGRADEE (6608)

Wabenplissee mit Motiv Garden an drei Fenstern in hellem Wohnzimmer

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Motif GARDEN (6650)

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MHZ Honeycomb Blinds - Duotone Fabrics 6191, 6189 und 6339

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Uses and functions of honeycomb blinds

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Honeycomb blinds for sun protection

Want to avoid direct incident sunlight in your rooms but allow light through the window at the same time? A honeycomb blind offers optimum glare protection without completely darkening the room. The cords are inside the honeycomb pattern, meaning there are no visible holes in the fabric, and soft light flows in evenly. You can adjust the fabric thickness and position of the honeycomb blind on the window to meet your sun protection requirements

Honeycomb blinds for privacy protection

By opting for opaque fabrics, you can protect your home from prying eyes and safeguard your privacy. Ensure a pleasant and safe atmosphere, particularly in areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms or children's rooms, without darkening the rooms fully. For example, with the duo-honeycomb blind, which consists of two fabrics, you can combine two different transparency levels to protect your privacy and control the incoming light.

Honeycomb blinds for saving energy

DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are an excellent way of saving money on heating and air conditioning. In winter, they keep the warmth in thanks to their air chambers, while in summer, they prevent outside heat from making its way in, serving as heat protection at the window. In this scenario, made-to-measure thermal honeycomb blinds are also worth mentioning. The thicker the fabric you choose, the greater the insulating effect at the window. The biggest heat protection is achieved with our aluminium-coated fabrics. They offer the greatest blackout effect.

Honeycomb blinds for sound insulation – a master of acoustics

A honeycomb blind acts as a noise damper and improves the acoustics in the room. It can reduce noise by up to 45 percent, with the honeycomb pattern also playing a key role.

Honeycomb blinds for a dim-out effect

Special honeycomb blind blackout fabrics keep your rooms dark, protecting you from the brightness – especially useful in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Honeycomb blind fabrics for decoration

MHZ Honeycomb pleated blinds make great decorative window elements with their various fabrics, colours, patterns and motifs. See our Honeycomb blind collection for a wide range of designs. All styles and tastes are catered for.

Large selection of designs

MHZ Wabenplissees DUETTE® Dessins JUNGLE JACK

the spirit of modern living


MHZ Wabenplissees DUETTE® Dessins LIO bunt

the spirit of modern living

LEO (6863)

MHZ Wabenplissees DUETTE® Dessins SEAGRASS

the spirit of modern living


MHZ Wabenplissees DUETTE® Dessins SCANDY salbei

the spirit of modern living

SCANDY (6885)

MHZ Wabenplissees DUETTE® Dessins NAMASTE orange

the spirit of modern living

NAMASTE (6897)

MHZ Wabenplissees DUETTE® Dessins BATIK grau

the spirit of modern living

BATIK (6906)

Created by nature

FLEUR (6228)

Created by nature

IDA (6653)

Created by nature


Inspired by graphic

WAVE (6647)

Inspired by graphic

ARCTIC (6625)

Inspired by graphic

CODE (6720)

MHZ Dessinvariationen Marvellous Monkey

Sieger design


MHZ Dessinvariationen Earth

Sieger design

EARTH (6804)

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What is a honeycomb blind?

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A DUETTE® honeycomb blind is distinguished by two pleated layers of fabric that are joined together and attached within two profile sections. The honeycomb-shaped hollow chambers between the fabric layers form an insulating air cushion, which protects against heat and cold. The special structure of the DUETTE® honeycomb blind creates a wow factor by gently letting in light and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Unlike pleated blinds, the tension cords on the DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are inside hollow chambers, which means there are no punched holes that allow brightness into the room. When combined with blackout fabrics, private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms can be darkened extremely effectively.

DUETTE® honeycomb blinds improve the acoustics in the room and minimise or dampen noise by up to 45 percent.

What is the difference between honeycomb blinds and pleated blinds?

Honeycomb blinds have a special honeycomb pattern made from two layers of fabric that are joined together. This design creates small honeycomb chambers that trap air and insulate against hot and cold. As a result, honeycomb blinds offer a higher energy efficiency than pleated blinds and can help to reduce heating costs. In addition, the tension cords are located within the hollow chambers and therefore not visible. Our MHZ DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are custom-made and available in various fabric types and colours. They also offer a light to medium dim-out function.

Pleated blinds are normally made from one length of fabric and have a folded concertina-like structure, which can be folded in even pleats. These pleated blinds are also custom-made and available in multiple colours and designs to cater for various styles. They also offer a light to medium dim-out function and are a practical way of regulating the daylight in a room, while protecting it from prying eyes.

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Washable honeycomb blinds

Made-to-measure honeycomb blinds from MHZ are easy to clean. To do so, the pleated fabric needs to be removed from the bracket and can then be washed by hand in warm water at 30°C using a mild detergent. Immediately allow the water to drain out of the honeycombs, fold up the fabric bundle, and squeeze out any excess water. Reattach to the brackets while damp and closed. Allow them to dry bundled up for at least 12 hours. During drying, open and close the system several times.

Some honeycomb blind fabrics are not washable and may only be cleaned with a damp cloth or a soft clothes brush.

See the care instructions for our MHZ honeycomb blinds for further information. If you are unsure, your specialist retailer will be happy to help.

Download care instructions

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Have you seen our MHZ pleated blinds?

Our pleated blinds are available in various fabrics, designs, patterns and transparency levels. Unlike honeycomb blinds, they consist of just one layer of fabric and work outstandingly as a decorative element or for privacy protection.

See also our made-to-measure pleated blinds and allow our unique pleated blind collection inspire you.

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