Weißer Insektenschutz an der Türe zur Terrasse

Insect screens for doors

No chance for insects and pollen

A barbecue on the terrace with friends on a mild evening, the kids darting barefoot to and fro in and out of the house. Doors stay open, the boundaries between living space and garden blur – it's pure summer joy! Unfortunately house, balcony and terrace doors are often weak spots when it comes to protecting living and sleeping areas from insects. Using our insect screen solutions for doors, you transform your home into a veritable fortress: put an end to buzzing flies, itchy insect bites and spiders crawling all over the house!

BENEFITS OF insect screens for doors

  • Made-to-measure
  • Large variety of models
  • Different functional fabrics; also pollen protection fabric for allergy sufferers
  • Fits almost invisibly
  • Gapless and gap-free installation
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Matching technical colours for plastic, aluminium or wooden frames
  • Optional dog or cat flap

Models at a glance

Side-hinged frames for doors

Balcony and terrace doors in particular get used a lot during the summer months and therefore need an effective, durable form of insect screen. Side-hinged frames are not only extremely robust, but thanks to their beautifully shaped, space-saving profiles and hidden magnetic closing strip they cut a fine figure visually as well. As a flexible insect screen they are suitable practically for any door. Specially developed arched profiles, multi-chamber corner brackets and adjustable 2-point hinges made of robust metal ensure great stability despite modest installation depth. The multi-function channel for brush seals ensures that creepy crawlies are reliably kept out – including on uneven floors.

By the way: thought has also been given to your four-legged friends. Our doors can be fitted with cat and dog flaps and with scratch-proof cat mesh.

Swing doors

Swing doors give the right momentum to your insect screening on balcony or terrace. They open gently in both directions, including when you don’t have a hand free, and quietly close of their own accord. A benefit that is not to be underestimated, especially with children around! It doesn't get any more convenient!

The innovative pin-and-bracket hardware facilitates great stability and durability. The new Transpatec fabric can be used in Neher swing doors too and lets more air and light through than a standard mesh.

Our swing doors can incidentally also be fitted with cat and dog flaps and with scratch-proof polyester cat mesh.

Weißer Insektenschutz an der Türe zur Terrasse

Sliding systems

Sliding systems as insect screens are used above all for large openings, for instance on lift-and-slide doors, French doors, conservatory doors or balcony and terrace openings.  They facilitate large, contiguous areas of mesh to provide a clear view to the outside. One- to six-casement systems and sizes of up to 9 x 3 metres are all possible.

In addition to their robustness, a stand-out feature of sliding systems is their very attractive appearance. Their slim profiles have a minimal installation depth and are therefore very space-saving. Particularly interesting if you have children: a full-length vertical handle can be fitted for even greater ease of use. Castors with low-noise stainless steel bearings ensure that the screens are pleasantly quiet when moved and guarantee long-lasting functionality.

Pleated door screens

Our side-sliding pleated insect screens with flush floor strips are precisely the right thing for balcony or terrace.

Pleated door screens are easy to use and fold together at the side into a very compact package. You thus gain valuable space - and with no obstacles or trip hazard! Window and door fronts can thus safely be fitted with 2-casement systems up to a 360cm wide.

Dunkler Insektenschutz und Elektrorollo an der Terrassentür

Electric roller screen

Always there when you need it: the MHZ roller insect screen for doors. To suit all tastes and requirements, there is a choice of manual, electric and side-sliding versions. In order to always function trouble-free, side-sliding roller insect screens require due to their design a more exact, gentler type of operation than other insect screen products. Their great advantage: no area is needed in front of the door for the screen to swing open and the space requirement is minimal. The brush guides also protect against the mesh coming out in windy weather.

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We work with tried-and-tested, award-winning components from NEHER, the German market leader in the field of insect screen systems.

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