Jalousien an den Fenster im Essbereich

Made-to-measure Venetian blinds

High-quality Venetian blinds from MHZ

Dunkle Jalousien als Sichtschutz in der Küche Blendschutz im Wohnzimmer durch Jalousien am Fenster

Made-to-measure Venetian blinds for indoors are distinguished by their versatility and all sorts of advantages. The flexible angle of the slats allows for an ideal adjustment to the light conditions and the desire for privacy at any time. Depending on requirements and the position of the slats, Venetian blinds can be used for a blackout effect, glare protection or privacy protection. At the same time, Venetian blinds offer the advantage of being extremely sturdy and hard-wearing. The aluminium or wooden slats are also easy to clean and require little maintenance. You'll also find the perfect option for your home thanks to the many installation types. In addition, our indoor Venetian blinds, which are attached to the window frame, can be installed with the utmost ease and no drilling and screwing. Their tough material means that the made-to-measure products can be used in damp locations, such as kitchens or bathrooms, and in studies, bedrooms, children's rooms or living rooms.

Because of their filigree and linear design, the slats create an elegant and airy atmosphere in the room. A rich colour palette and a variety of surface textures make individual designs possible. Overall, MHZ made-to-measure Venetian blinds offer a simple and effective way to design your room pleasantly and find the ideal privacy and sun protection for your needs and interior design style.

Advantages of Venetian blinds:

  • Flexible adaptation of the lighting conditions with freely adjustable slats
  • Infinitely variable positioning of the blind
  • Made-to-measure to suit your requirements
  • Suitable for skylights, angled windows or triangular windows
  • Different slat widths
  • Installation also possible without drilling
  • Can be operated manually or electrically, also smart home compatible
  • Large selection of colours, textures and materials
  • Option of combining different slat colours within the blind
  • Suitable for narrow windows and ribbon windows

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Helle Jalousien an den Fenster im Essbereich

MHZ Venetian blinds - Slat NETWORK (815)

Jalousien an den Fenster im Essbereich

MHZ Venetian blinds - Slat METALLIC (632)

Jalousien an den Fenster im Badezimmer

MHZ Venetian blinds - Slat BRUSH (546)

Blendschutz am Arbeitsplatz durch Jalousien am Fenster

MHZ Venetian blinds - Slat PURE (702)

Jalousien am Dachfenster als Blendschutz im Badezimmer

MHZ Venetian blinds - Slat BRUSH (781)

Weiße Jalousien als Sichtschutz im Badezimmer

MHZ Venetian blinds - Slat DIM (504)

Uses of Venetian blinds

Interior Venetian blinds for privacy and sun protection

The infinitely adjustable slats of MHZ made-to-measure Venetian blinds keep prying eyes out. Depending on the setting, they can prevent direct incident sunlight while allowing daylight into the rooms.

Interior Venetian blinds for a blackout effect

Adjust the slats to achieve the desired amount of incoming light. For those who don’t like direct sunlight in the morning, the Venetian blinds can be closed completely and the room will remain slightly darkened.

Interior Venetian blinds for effective climate control in winter

Venetian blinds have an insulating effect at the windows. On the one hand, they prevent cold air finding its way into rooms in the winter and, on the other, make it harder for warm air to escape from the inside – the more the slats are closed, the greater the effects.

Interior Venetian blinds for effective climate control in summer

In the summer, they also protect against direct incident sunlight and heat while, at the same time, keeping cool air inside. This means that they effectively save energy – the more the slats are closed, the greater the effects.

Jalousien am Dachfenster als Blendschutz im Badezimmer

Possible uses for Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds can be used universally

At rectangular windows, doors and skylights, at gable windows, triangular windows, and many other special shapes. They are also suitable for narrow windows and ribbon windows.

Large selection of slat designs

In our Venetian blind collection, you can find a selection of satin matt DIM slats in 32 different colours.


Want to give your home a special touch and can't get enough of stylish glimmer effects? Then the velvet-metal slat may be just what you need. In lush white, grey and brown tones, they follow the current trend for natural home colours. When the sun shines on the slats, the glimmer effect on the slat produces an elegant highlight.

Cool concrete look – latest top trend. The OBSCURE slat encompasses the current trend for cool, Nordic colours and blends into the interior design harmoniously.

The PURE slats are ideal for those who prefer traditional Venetian blinds. In silver, white, black and anthracite, they go well with any interior.

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Lamellendesign BRUSH für Jalousien


Champagne (546)

Lamellendesign CALM für Jalousien


Creme (800)

Lamellendesign DIM für Jalousien


White (504)

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Orange (563)

rotes Lamellendesign DIM für Jalousien


Wine red (569)

Hellgrünes Lamellendesign 722 DIM für Jalousien


Mint green (722)

Braunes Lamellendesign 640 FROSTED mit Muster für Jalousien


Mud (640)

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Green (826)

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Mud (644)

gestreiftes Lamellendesign LINES für Jalousien


White (820)

Dunkles Lamellendesign 617 LUXURY mit Muster für Jalousien


Anthracite (627)

weißes Lamellendesign 511 MESH mit schwarzen Punkten als Muster für Jalousien


White (511)


Graphite (616)


Silver (612)


Anthracite (703)


Taupe (610)


White (630)


Light grey (833)

Lamellendesign VELVET in creme für Jalousien


White (601)


Pink (727)


Light yellow (753)

MHZ Jalousien Kollektionsfächer

Individuality through different slat widths

In addition to the selection of various colours, textures and patterns, some of the slat designs also come in different widths. The standard slat is 25 mm. For a more filigree look or if you have small windows, you can select the narrowest 16 mm version. 35 mm or even 50 mm slats are effective in large windows.

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What is a Venetian blind?

Nahaufnahme einer hellen Jalousie, die an der Wand oberhalb des Fensters montiert ist

Venetian blinds originate from France. They consist of horizontally arranged slats that provide an unobstructed view of the outside.

The slats are adjustable in many stages, allowing for extremely flexible control over the incoming light. Since they are made of aluminium, they are sturdy and hard-wearing.

TwinLine: With the TwinLine Venetian blind, the hanging can be moved up and down freely. Thanks to its freely selectable positioning and the adjustable slat tilting angle, the incoming light can be easily controlled. Installation is carried out in the glazing bead on the window sash. This means that pivot and tilt windows can still be operated without restriction.

Differences between a Venetian blind and pleated and roller blinds

MHZ Jalousien, Plissees und Rollos im direkten Vergleich

The main difference between Venetian blinds and other internal sun protection products such as roller blinds and pleated blinds is their consistency. While pleated blinds and roller blinds have a textile character, Venetian blinds are usually made from aluminium, wood or plastic.

The Venetian blind slats can be tilted to a variety of angles, allowing for precise control over the amount of light that enters a room. Pleated blinds and roller blinds, on the other hand, can only control the incoming light by adjusting the height of the blind. Unlike with textile blinds, no transparency levels are possible due to the slat material.

Our TwinLine Venetian blind combines the advantage of a pleated blind tensioned in the window with the advantages of a Venetian blind: In the same way as a pleated blind, they can be moved up and down individually, and, like a Venetian blind, their slats control the angle of the incoming light. Instead of a wand, the slats can be conveniently adjusted manually by operating a rotary wheel on the profile strip.

See our pleated blinds  See our roller blinds

Types of installation for Venetian blinds

For MHZ made-to-measure Venetian blinds there is the option, depending on the requirements and model, of wall installation and ceiling installation in or in front of the window recess, and the option of window sash installation and glazing bead installation. If you want to secure your Venetian blind to your window without drilling and screwing, there are various other options. These include the MHZ adhesive set, window clip or clamp bracket.



Glazing bead with footplate


Glazing bead bracket


Adhesive set


Window clip


Clamp bracket


Angle bracket

Operation options

Depending on the model, installation situation and requirements, Venetian blinds can be operated in different ways: They can be operated either manually by chain or by pull cord and wand or crank. With electric or battery-powered drive, operation is also possible via a switch, remote control, sun sensor or timer. You also have the option of integrating your made-to-measure MHZ Venetian blind into a smart home system to automate the processes easily.


Controlling MHZ Venetian blinds with smart home

Freihängende MHZ Jalousien als Smart-Home fähige Variante

Control your made-to-measure Venetian blinds from MHZ conveniently and from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. This gives you the option while you are out and about of opening your Venetian blinds to allow light into the house or closing your Venetian blinds to protect your rooms from the midday heat in summer or from cooling down in the winter. You can also connect your made-to-measure Venetian blinds to other smart home devices to create an automated system. By doing so, for example, you can adjust your Venetian blinds so they close automatically in strong sunlight and when certain temperatures are reached and then open again as soon as the sunlight is no longer shining directly on the window. Smart home gives you the option of saving energy and automating processes in summer and winter.

More about zu smart home solutions

Cleaning MHZ Venetian blinds correctly

Cleaning your Venetian blinds regularly and thoroughly can extend their service life significantly. To do so, carefully wipe the slats with a dry or damp cloth.

For our products to function properly in damp locations, we recommend wiping any water or condensation off slats at regular intervals, airing regularly and avoiding contact with chemicals such as household and floor cleaning agents, hair dyes and so on.

For further information, please refer to our care instructions.

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