Pleated blinds collection

More expressive than ever before

Charismatic, inspiring and convincing: The new MHZ pleated blind collection impresses with fascinating eye-catchers, textile sophistication, outstanding sustainable qualities and a huge palette of colours.

Experience the two exclusive pattern lines "Beautiful Nature" and "Impressive Artwork". Magnificent motifs conjure up a slice of nature in your rooms or transform your windows into creative works of art.

Wohnzimmer mit freiverschiebbaren Plissees mit kleinem Blumenmuster.

The collection at a glance

  • Fascinating eye-​catchers
    Sustainable qualities
    Textile sophistication
    Huge palette of colours, 208 RAL-​colours

Beautiful Nature

A slice of nature in your rooms

The inspiration for the creation of the exquisite pattern line "Beautiful Nature" was the abundance of colours, shapes and patterns in flora and fauna. A total of seven motifs – from natural to abstract, from gentle to strong – capture the magic of nature and bring it directly into your home.


freihängendes Plissee mit Print Waldo im Esszimmer

WALDO — Eye-catcher in a modern style

With a proud look, WALDO, the deer, shows its colourful geometric design and proves in impressive fashion that even traditional motifs can be interpreted in a trendy way. 

freihängendes Plissee mit buntem Print Irma im Wohnbereich

IRMA — Soft play of colours in Scandi style

Natural leaf motifs, organic lines and pastel ovals: Seemingly self-​evident, the individual elements nestle against each other and unite to create an airylight pattern composition. With subtle freshness and Nordic serenity, IRMA makes your rooms shine and at the same time gives them peace and a particularly natural look.

MHZ Plissee mit Frühlingswiese-Motiv im Wohnzimmer

MELIKA — Your green oasis in the city

With MELIKA, summer arrives and gives your rooms a fresh, carefree ambience. An exceptionally natural pattern that invites you to dream — welcome to your little oasis! The pattern picks up on the "urban gardening" trend and transforms your windows into a lush flower meadow: A wonderful way to present sun protection as a decorative highlight.

DONNA — Wonderfully feminine and romantic

DONNA celebrates life! Immerse yourself in the opulent floral splendour and be amazed by the spectacular charisma of this macro photo in a painting style.

Wohnzimmer mit weißen Plissees mit schwarzen Kranichen als Motiv.

SADAKO — Bearers of good tidings from heaven

Carried by the wind, the graceful cranes pass by the window – a sign of happiness and peace in Japanese culture. With SADAKO, a whole fl ock of these bearers of good tidings fl utters into your home. Its plain shades of grey underline modern furnishings in Asian or Scandinavian style.

Schlafzimmer mit dunklen Plissees und buntem Blättermotiv die den Raum abdunkeln können.

HANIBAL — Contrasting Nature

HANIBAL whisks you away to the multifaceted world of contrasts: its leaf structures shine in the most vivid colours and provide for an aesthetic highlight with artistic flair.

All dessins at a glance

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv WALDO

WALDO (4920)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv LIBERTA

LIBERTA (4916)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv DONNA

DONNA (4913)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv IRMA

IRMA (4910)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv MELIKA

MELIKA (4921)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv SADAKO

SADAKO (4917)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv HANIBAL

HANIBAL (4912)

Impressive Artwork

Your art gallery on the window

The three unique motifs of the exclusive pattern line "Impressive Artwork" blend into your home like textile works of art. Sometimes colourful and energetic, sometimes discreet and reserved, they each exert their very own attraction and fi ll the room with sophisticated cosiness.

Modernes Esszimmer mit gelben und blauen Akzenten und einem bunten Plissee im Stil von abstrakter Kunst.

POLLOCK — Intoxicated by colour

Colourful, loud and spirited, POLLOCK ignites its magnificent firework of colours. Emotions break ground, boundaries merge, new things emerge. With a unique presence, it attracts attention and invites you to a wide variety of interpretations. Whether on large or small window surfaces, as a single player or in an ensemble with RAL unicolours – POLLOCK makes a statement and gives the room expression and personality.

Plissees an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer

ARTAK — Dynamic brush structures

Sweeping brushstrokes in striking black – ARTAK is powerful and lively and yet radiates a fascinating calmness. Due to the visible canvas structure and the special application of paint, the motif can almost be experienced haptically.

Senkrechte Plissees in Rot und Orange in einer Küche

ALIZA — Artful watercolor optics

If you prefer a cheerful colour scheme and transparent look, you will immediately fall in love with ALIZA.

Küche mit Kücheninsel und zwei Fenstern die mit Plissees in Aquarelloptik in jeweils grün und blau vor Sonne schützen.

ALIZA — Artful watercolor optics

If you prefer a cheerful colour scheme and transparent look, you will immediately fall in love with ALIZA.

All dessins at a glance

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv POLLOCK


POLLOCK (4904)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ARTAK


ARTAK (4908)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ALIZA


ALIZA (4900)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ALIZA


ALIZA (4901)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ALIZA


ALIZA (4902)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ALIZA


ALIZA (4903)

Textile finesse

Charming play with light and structure

Artful burnout fabrics, large jacquards and striking structures with knots, ribbons and thread loops make for sophisticated homely highlights and create exciting light refl ections in the room. Look forward to a wide variety of structures and transparencies. On pleated blinds that present light, design space and – thanks to their sophisticated technology – bring along everything that distinguishes a flexibly adjustable sun protection. Discover a collection full of extraordinary fabric characters. More expressive than ever before.

Bunte Plisses in fünf verschiedenen RAL-Farben

As colourful as life itself

Exciting contrasts and perfect harmony

Do you love playing with colours? Then combine your desired pattern with a matching unicolour pleated blind or arrange your own personal colour combination. With more than 200 RAL shades available, there are hardly any limits to the imagination.

Glare-free working

Flexible solutions for home office, etc.

Large windows provide plenty of natural light and a friendly atmosphere. However, too much light can also be disturbing – especially when working with monitors. A pleated blind not only makes your home office extremely homely, but also enables relaxed working without reflections, screwed-up eyes and headaches.

The pleated blind can be positioned as desired and quickly adjusted again. The high-quality Perlex coating on the rear of the blind ensures glare-free working.

Blendschutz am Arbeitsplatz durch dunkles Plissees an Fenster und Türen
Wohnraum mit cremefarbenen Plissees in Standard- und Sonderform von MHZ

Pleated blinds in special shapes

For different architectural challenges

From exclusive patterns to unusual weaving structures and sustainably produced textiles to blinds for special window shapes: MHZ is the specialist for the special! Therefore, all pleated blinds are made to measure and in many special shapes for you – whether in triangular, square, rectangular or trapezoidal form.

Your desired blind will be made to measure and individually manufactured. As a modern industrial manufacturer, we rely on the latest technologies, craftsmanship and a great deal of attention to detail.


Wabenplissees an den Fenster und Türen im Wohnzimmer

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric MIGUEL (4829)

Sichtschutz im Badezimmer durch beige Plissees

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric KOLJA (4577)

Plissee mit Blumenmuster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric AURELIA (4744)

Duo-Plissee am Dachfenster über Schreibtisch

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric FEYA (4798) und LUNO (4836)

Badezimmer mit bodentiefem Fenster und einem Plissee in Aquarelloptik in verschiedenen Blautönen.

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric TILL (4806)

MHZ Plissees zur Abdunklung im Schlafzimmer

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric STANLEY (4842)

Plissee in hellem Grün im Essbereich an Fenster und Tür

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric MANOLYA (4818)

Küche mit breitem länglichen Fenster und roten Plissees

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric VEX (4830)

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric MATILDA (4701)

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric BONNIE (4826)

Green Stories

Green Stories Plissees Varo und Willow im Wohnbereich

Ecologically sustainable – timelessly aesthetic

Immerse yourself in the "Green Stories" from MHZ: Textiles that tell impressive stories about sustainability, responsibility and a green future. Discover 42 sustainable pleated fabrics made from up to 100 percent recycled material. Each of them with its very own "story". They tell of Scottish fishermen clearing the seabed of ocean plastic and of beaches where washed-up plastic is collected. They report on recycled fabric waste from the textile industry and disused PET bottles that are processed into yarns. Sustainable stories that make our "Green Stories" what they are: high-quality textiles with a uniquely lively look – and the aspiration to make the world a little better every day.

Learn more about our Green Stories

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