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Smart solutions for your privacy and sun protection needs

Discover MHZ’s versatile privacy and sun protection solutions for integrating into our partners’ smart home systems. Whether you’re working on a new build, a renovation or a modernisation project, you can incorporate our privacy and sun protection products into the following smart home systems in the way that best meets your needs:

PowerView® can be integrated into building automation systems via the Loxone mini server. Somfy is suitable for motorised sun protection and smart control systems. Use Mediola to connect different manufacturers up in one overall system.

Read on for key information about the different systems at a glance.

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Systems that are compatible with MHZ privacy and sun protection products


The innovative PowerView® smart home system lets you control your sun protection products at the click of a button – using a remote control or an app, whether you’re at home or away. The modular operating concept helps a huge range of different user groups to make their homes smarter, from beginners to professionals. This system works with all our products and allows you to control your intelligent sun protection solution throughout the house.

Create schedules that define when each of your sun protection products will be raised and lowered. You can also control your MHZ products via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, should you so wish.

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Compatible MHZ products with PowerView®

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PowerView® works with Loxone can now be integrated into smart building automation systems. You can incorporate products into Loxone easily, whenever you like. The PowerView® hub is the central control unit for interior shading – it is from here that the Loxone mini server retrieves saved scenes exactly as required.

Loxone Air is a wireless technology, making it ideal for realising automated building shading concepts in modernisation projects.

You can operate both variants manually if necessary, either via a button or the Loxone app. PowerView® users can control their sun protection products with the Pebble® remote control or the Pebble® scenario controller as usual.

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Compatible MHZ products with Loxone

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The intuitive TaHoma® control unit makes it so easy for you to integrate our privacy and sun protection products into the Somfy smart home system. Control all your connected components, such as roller blinds, lights and heaters, either via the app or your computer or, alternatively, use voice commands with Google Home or Amazon Echo.

You can also set up customised routines and smart scenarios. For example, you can simulate a presence inside your home so the unit will open and close your privacy and sun protection products automatically while you are on holiday. Motorised roller shutters and weather sensors are a really simple way of stopping your rooms overheating during the summer and saving energy during the winter.

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Compatible MHZ products with Somfy

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The WORKS WITH mediola® solution enables you to connect incompatible smart home systems from different manufacturers up in one interoperable overall system. The various devices can then interact with each other and you can control them as a single unit via the free smart home app.

MHZ is one such manufacturer with a huge range of compatible privacy and sun protection products for both inside and outside, as well as insect screens. This option is ideal for individuals working on modernisation projects who want to connect up different systems.

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Compatible MHZ products with Mediola