Insekten- und Pollenschutz an der Terrassentür

Custom insect screens

High-quality insect protection from MHZ

Insektenschutz an den Küchenfenster Dunkler Insektenschutz an der Türe mit Katzenklappe

During the summer months especially, mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other insects can often stop us from sleeping. Our custom-made insect screens for windows and doors, not to mention our light well covers, protect your interiors from annoying insects and small animals. Our insect screen systems are incredibly easy to install and can be perfectly adjusted to any opening.

Sophisticated hardware and incredibly high levels of quality and convenience are the hallmarks of every MHZ insect screen product. Custom-made tensioning frames, swing frames and side-hinged frames for windows and doors, sliding systems, pleated doors and roller blinds can be fitted in just a few simple steps.

The stable aluminium profiles blend in seamlessly with the overall look of your home and guarantee that windows, doors and roller shutters can be operated unhindered. The insect screens and insect screen roller blinds can be installed flexibly and are easy to clean. At the same time, these custom-made products fulfil high security standards.

Benefits of insect screens

  • Custom-made
  • For windows, skylights, doors and light wells
  • Huge product diversity
  • Various functional meshes, including a pollen protection mesh for allergy sufferers
  • Blends in almost invisibly
  • Installation without drilling and screwing
  • Fitted seamlessly without gaps
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Matching hardware colours for plastic, aluminium or wooden windows
  • Optional dog or cat flap

Areas of application for insect protection

Insect protection and insect screens for windows and skylights

Giving you a great quality of life in your home during the summer months. Whether you choose a tensioning frame, side-hinged frame, swing frame or insect screen roller blind, with our airy and lightweight custom-made insect screens for windows you can reliably protect yourself from unwelcome visitors.

A tensioning frame is impressively quick and easy to install. It is lightweight and fits into the window frame with very little effort. Our range of MHZ insect screens includes over 150 different versions that come with a tensioning frame. And, of course, we have solutions ready for you if your installation situation is a bit more challenging than usual too.

A tensioning frame is inserted quickly and easily, plus it can be removed just as rapidly and without any fuss if you want to clean the window, for example. Are your windows made of plastic, aluminium or wood? No need to worry because we have matching insect screens for you that will blend in seamlessly with the overall look of your home.

One thing that it is important to know... With the right tensioning frame, windows and roller shutters can always be operated unhindered.

Insektenschutz am Dachfenster

Side-hinged frames and swing frames can open in both directions and are especially well suited to windows that are opened and closed frequently. Side-hinged frames open in one direction, either inwards or outwards. Modern swing frames, on the other hand, open in both directions. The frame is fitted into the window frame.

Our MHZ insect screen roller blind is attached to the inside or outside of the window (between the window and the roller shutter). Just like a conventional roller blind, it can be opened and closed really easily to water plants or air out beds. To ensure completely reliable protection from insects, the side guides on this custom-made product are fitted with thick brushes.

One really practical aspect is that the insect screen roller blind can be integrated into the window, whether it be on the building front or a skylight in the roof.

Insect protection and insect screens for doors

Mosquitoes, wasps, beetles et al do not stop at balcony doors, patio doors or house doors. Custom insect screens for doors – in sliding door, side-hinged frame door, pleated door and swing door versions, not to mention the electric insect screen roller blind – provide well-thought-out solutions for every room, application and taste. The frame is fitted into the window frame for these products too. So you can enjoy a carefree and insect-free summer!

Swing doors open both inwards and outwards – especially useful if you do not have a hand free. They also close quietly and of their own accord.

Their innovative pin-and-projecting-fitting hardware guarantees excellent stability and durability. The Transpatec mesh can be used in swing doors too and lets in more light and air than a standard mesh.

Our custom-made MHZ swing doors can also be combined with cat or dog flaps, as well as with scratch-proof and cat-proof polyester mesh.

Side-hinged frames for doors are not only incredibly hard-wearing – they also look great thanks to their beautifully shaped, space-saving profiles and concealed magnetic closing strip. These flexible, custom-made insect screens are suitable for any door at all. Specially developed curved profiles, multi-chamber corner brackets and adjustable 2-point hinges made from robust metal provide great stability despite having only a modest installation depth. The multifunctional channel for brush seals makes sure that creepy crawlies are kept out effectively – even on uneven floors.

Our doors can also be combined with cat or dog flaps, as well as with a scratch-proof and cat-proof polyester mesh.

Sliding systems are used to provide insect protection primarily on balcony and patio openings, lift-and-slide doors, French doors and conservatories. Large, continuous areas of mesh provide a clear view of the outside. We can even create systems of between one and six casements, in dimensions up to 9 x 3 metres.

Sliding systems stand out thanks to their stability and fantastic looks. Their slim profiles have a modest installation depth, making them incredibly space-saving. A full-length vertical handle makes the door especially easy to use for children. Castors with stainless steel ball bearings ensure quiet operation.

Weißer Insektenschutz an der Türe zur Terrasse
Dunkler Insektenschutz und Elektrorollo an der Terrassentür

Our electric insect screen roller blind is suitable for large openings, despite having only a modest installation depth. Special fast-action motors, which run at up to 136 revolutions per minute, make operation easy. The unique impact protection function makes the product really safe, while Zip technology holds the mesh in place reliably even at high wind speeds. Choose from various remote controls with different functions and designs.

Side-sliding, step-free MHZ pleated door insect screens with flush-fitting floor strips are the perfect choice for a balcony or patio. They are easy to use and fold together into a very compact package at the side. And that saves space! Window and door fronts can be fitted with 2-casement systems up to 360 cm wide.

Insect protection and light well covers for basements and underground garages

Install light well covers from MHZ and you will no longer have to deal with leaves or small animals in your light well. Hard-wearing, durable and weather-resistant, they will keep things nice and clean for many years – meaning no more laborious cleaning of your light well. Make your life easier!

Our light well covers are:

  • Weather-resistant and rust-proof – thanks to corrosion-resistant materials
  • Hard-wearing and non-slip
  • Able to let in light and air
  • Optional: safe to drive on thanks to robust expanded aluminium


More about light well covers

Mesh types for insect screens

The mesh is at the heart of your insect screen. Different insect screen meshes are needed, depending on the application in question. After all, it is only with the right mesh that your insect screen roller blind or custom insect screen will be able to meet all the demands placed on it. We offer an enormous variety of meshes for your specific needs and applications.

Their range of different properties, from transparency and breathability, weather resistance and tear resistance, to protection from insects, electrical smog and pollen, ensures that you will achieve a high degree of comfort.

Our MHZ insect screen meshes stand for top quality, stability and durability – not to mention timeless design.

Fibreglass mesh – the tried-and-tested classic

The tried-and-tested standard mesh for insect screens made of plastic-coated fibreglass. It has great tensile strength and weather resistance.

Transpatec® mesh – almost invisible and self-cleaning

With up to 140% higher breathability than our standard mesh, the Transpatec® mesh creates a nice atmosphere. It is self-cleaning and stays practically invisible all year round. It also has even better tensile strength and weather resistance than fibreglass mesh.

Polltec® TFP mesh – insect and pollen protection in one

The pollen protection mesh protects from clinically relevant pollen and, thanks to its minimal mesh width, against tiny little insects too. Yet it also lets in more light and air than standard fibreglass mesh.

Electrical smog mesh – a protective shield against electrical smog

The electrical smog protective mesh protects against insects and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phone masts, for example.

Stainless steel mesh – extremely hygienic

Reliable protection from leaves and small animals, while being very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Cat-proof mesh – scratch-proof

Cat-proof insect screen mesh with extremely good tensile strength thanks to 7-fold reinforcement.

Aluminium mesh – robust and PVC-free

The stable and unobtrusive alternative for special applications.

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What is an insect screen system?

MHZ custom insect screens are fitted to secure windows, doors and light wells to provide lasting, almost invisible, protection from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, flies, beetles and spiders, improving the quality of life in your home.

The robust aluminium profiles blend in seamlessly with the overall look of your home, while allowing windows, doors and roller shutters to still be operated unhindered. MHZ insect screens and insect screen roller blinds are installed flexibly and are easy to clean. At the same time, they fulfil high security standards.

The large selection of insect screens and special meshes from Neher Technology meets the highest demands. The Polltec® TFP mesh, for example, will keep insects and pollen out of your home and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Custom insect screens

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We work with tried-and-tested, award-winning components from NEHER, the German market leader in the field of insect screen systems.

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