Sichtschutz im Badezimmer durch beige Plissees

Pleated blinds on the window frame

Made-to-measure pleated blinds for screwing, clamping or gluing

Wohnzimmer mit freiverschiebbaren Plissees mit kleinem Blumenmuster.

Pleated blinds are available in tensioned and free-hanging versions. If you would like to mount your pleated blind directly on the window frame, the tensioned version is recommended - it offers the advantage that the window sashes including the privacy screen can be tilted and opened without hindrance. In addition, the fabric can be moved freely from both the upper and lower ends. This allows you to flexibly position the pleated blind in front of the window.

Advantages of Pleated blinds on the window frame

  • Made to measure
  • For wide windows up to 1.8 metres
  • Freely slidable in the window frame
  • Also suitable for patio doors
  • Mounting without drilling 
  • Ideal for special shapes and floor-to-ceiling windows

Get inspired

MHZ pleated blinds - fabric MANOLYA (4808)

Plissee mit Blumenmuster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ pleated blinds - fabric AURELIA (4744)

Dunkle Plissees mit transparentem Zackenmuster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ pleated blinds - fabric ZARKO (4766)

MHZ Plissees zur Abdunklung im Schlafzimmer

MHZ pleated blinds - fabric STANLEY (4842)

Wohnzimmer mit weißen Plissees mit schwarzen Kranichen als Motiv.

MHZ pleated blinds - motif SADAKO (4917)

Blendschutz am Arbeitsplatz durch dunkles Plissees an Fenster und Türen

MHZ pleated blinds - fabric SIRIUS (4858)

MHZ Plissee mit Frühlingswiese-Motiv im Wohnzimmer

MHZ pleated blinds - motif MELIKA (4922)

Mounting on the window frame

Plissee Montageart in der Glasleiste mit Spannschuh.

Mounted on the window frame

Glazing bead installation using footplates

Plissee Montageart in der Glasleiste.

Mounted on the window frame

Front installation using glazing bead brackets

Plissee Montage in der Glasleiste mit Klebeset.

Taped to the window glass

Adhesive set

Clipped to the window frame

Window clip

Montageart Klemmträger im Fensterrahmen

Clipped to the window frame

Clamp brackets

Plissee Montageart mit Winkelträger am Fensterrahmen.

Clipped & glued to the window frame

Angle brackets

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Pleated or honeycomb blinds?

Vergleich des Querschnitts von Plissee und Wabenplissee

Pleated and honeycomb blinds are two types of internal privacy and sun protection, which are popular in many homes. Both have their own properties and advantages:

Pleated blinds or folding blinds are generally made from a length of fabric and have a concertina structure, which can be collapsed/folded together in even pleats. Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds are available in many colours and designs to cater for various styles. They provide a light to medium dim-out effect and are a handy way of keeping prying eyes at bay while also regulating the daylight in your rooms.

Honeycomb blinds have a special honeycomb pattern, which consists of two layers of fabric that are joined together. The layers form small honeycomb chambers that trap air and insulate against hot and cold. As a result, honeycomb blinds provide greater energy efficiency than pleated blinds and can help reduce heating costs. They are also available in various fabric types and colours and offer a light to medium dim-out function.

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