Wabenplissees als Sonnenschutz im Wintergarten

Honeycomb blinds for conservatories and ceilings

Wabenplissees als Sonnenschutz im Wintergarten

Honeycomb blinds for plafond and conservatories primarily provide effective sun protection, but can also be used as privacy screens, glare protection or for darkening. The insulating honeycomb-shaped hollow chambers of the honeycomb blinds prevent rooms with many glass surfaces from heating up too much. The term "plafond pleated" refers to the shading of horizontal window surfaces, such as skylights or glass ceilings. The use of honeycomb blinds not only ensures a more pleasant room temperature, but also creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere that can be individually adapted to the needs and requirements of the room.

Benefits of honeycomb blinds for Ceiling and Conservatories

  • Made to measure
  • Secure hold thanks to tensioning cords running inside the curtain
  • Freely adjustable
  • Manual operation possible with operating rail, cord, crank or electric rod
  • Electric operation with remote control possible
  • Use of the same fabric on the horizontal and vertical glass surfaces of the glass surfaces of the conservatory for a uniform appearance.

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