Helle Raffrollos auf verschiedenen Höhen im Wohnbereich

Made-to-measure Roman blinds

High-quality Roman blinds from MHZ

Cremefarbener Raffrollo an breiten Fenster und Türen in Küche und Esszimmer Raffrollos in einem Beerenton an den Fenster im Wohn- und Essbereich

Made-to-measure Roman blinds from MHZ are a popular window decoration, which acts as privacy and sun protection, while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Like net curtains, they create an appealing feel-good factor in your home because of their textile composition. They differ from net curtains and curtains in that they are not pushed to the side but are gathered at the top instead. They are a popular privacy protection option, particularly for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

At MHZ, you can find e.g. linen Roman blinds, Roman blinds with Velcro tape or chain pull, Roman blinds for ceiling installation or for clamping and gluing without drilling plus many other items.

Product advantages of Roman blinds

  • Individual and made-to-measure
  • Can be used for glare protection, privacy protection, blackout and decoration in living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms or studies/home offices
  • Installation possible without drilling and screwing
  • Manual and electric operation
  • Suitable for standard and triangular windows along with skylights and angled windows
  • Easy cleaning of windows and fabric possible
  • Large selection of fabrics, colours and textures

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Raffrollos und Vorhänge in Cremefarbe an einer großen Fensterfront

MHZ Roman blinds - Fabric HELIOS ivory (3289)

Hellbraune Raffrollos im Wohnzimmer an Fenster und Türen

MHZ Roman blinds - Fabric LEWIS beige (3406)

Helle Raffrollos auf verschiedenen Höhen im Wohnbereich

MHZ Roman blinds - Fabric MARE cream (3402)

Helle Raffrollos im Wohnbereich auf verschiedenen Höhen an den Fenstern

MHZ Roman blinds - Fabric LEWIS ecru (3477)

Uses and functions

Roman blinds for privacy protection and sun protection

MHZ made-to-measure Roman blinds can be used for privacy protection and sun protection. Tensioned Roman blinds can be positioned at the top and bottom with infinite variability and provide effective privacy from prying eyes, while also allowing daylight into the room.

They can also be an effective way to shield against the sun and darken rooms: This makes them suitable, too, for glare protection in the study or home office and for a dim-out effect in the bedroom. Being made-to-measure means that the Roman blind can be adapted to fit your windows perfectly.

Roman blinds for decoration

Roman blinds create a cosy atmosphere in rooms due to their textile composition, making them a popular window decoration. The elegant gathering gives the windows a special touch. Due to the many colours and fabrics, they go perfectly with any style of room.

See our functional Roman blind fabrics

What makes made-to-measure Roman blinds from MHZ special? With your Roman blind, you have the option of selecting from many different functional fabrics in our Textiles by MHZ range:

  • The acoustic fabric keeps noise levels low and prevents the sound from spreading.
  • Our dim-out/blackout fabrics have special darkening properties, creating peace and darkness in the bedroom.
  • The bioactive fabric has an antimicrobial effect and can prevent the build-up of microorganisms on fibres and the spread of illnesses.
  • Our recycled fabric, which is made from ocean waste, gives rooms a unique textile character.


Try out our exclusive functional fabrics and see for yourself!

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What is a Roman blind?

A Roman blind is gathered vertically via cords, giving the hanging a corrugated or wavy appearance. This interesting shape gives the Roman blind its extraordinary, unmistakable character.

With a variety of fabrics in various colours and textures – from transparent to opaque – your Roman blind is a real eye-catcher. With or without profile rods, MHZ Roman blinds give rooms a soft, elegant ambience and a feeling of homely comfort. There are also specially finished fabrics that fulfil particular requirements for the commercial sector.

MHZ Roman blinds are an excellent choice for vertical windows and doors. However, the Roman blind hardware is also ideal for skylights and windows with special shapes. The variably positionable privacy and sun protection is operated horizontally and, depending on the degree of opening, either opens up the window or protects it against excessive incident sunlight or prying eyes.

The blind is washable and can be removed easily – even to clean the window, for example.

A Roman blind is a lovely alternative to classic net curtains or curtains.

Types of installation for Roman blinds

Helle Raffrollos im Wohnbereich auf verschiedenen Höhen an den Fenstern

Our made-to-measure Roman blinds can be installed on the wall, ceiling or glass façade. For wall and ceiling installation, the Roman blind is mounted in front of or in the window recess. Where the Roman curtains are attached to the glass façade or window frame, a distinction is made between glazing bead and window sash installation. Installation using the MHZ adhesive set is particularly suitable for rental properties: The Roman blind is also mounted in the glazing bead here without drilling and screwing. Alternatively, installation with a clamp bracket or window clip is possible. These types of installation also do not require drilling and screwing.

Roman blind finishing

Rear strengthening rods

Rear strengthening rods are inserted into the fabric at the rear and stabilise it widthways. This creates even drapery.

Front strengthening rods

Front strengthening rods impress with their straight, style-conscious drapery. They are the best choice for wide windows.

Loop straps

Loop straps are connected to the hardware via loop tape. The lower edge of the Roman blind features a hem with weighted rod, to ensure the blind falls properly.

Strengthening rods or pocket tape

AREO with strengthening rods or pocket tape can be moved vertically and positioned conveniently.

Made-to-measure Roman blinds

Since all made-to-measure Roman blinds are made according to your individual window dimensions and your personal ideas, there are no standard sizes. Get advice from an MHZ dealer near you.

Operating Roman blinds

The Roman blinds can be manually adjusted via an operating chain, control bar or handle. Depending on the model, the Roman blind can be regulated conveniently via an electric motor and integrated into your smart home system.


Learn more about smart home options

Washing and cleaning Roman blinds

The fabrics of our Roman blinds can be easily removed and reattached after cleaning in the washing machine. For further information, see the care instructions for our MHZ Roman blinds, which are available in Downloads. If you are unsure, your specialist dealer will be happy to help.


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