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Conservatory shade

Shade for your conservatory – indoors and outdoors

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A conservatory offers special comfort all year round. However, in the warm summer months, intense sunlight causes your conservatory to heat up, making it uncomfortably hot in your little paradise. An optimal solution to counteract these challenges is to fit an effective conservatory shade, which is often called a conservatory awning. In contrast to a conventional awning, which is normally mounted on the outside, there is the option of interior shading and exterior shading for conservatories.


BENEFITS OF conservatory shade:

  • Individual and made-to-measure
  • Stable design
  • Flexible installation from inside or outside
  • Customised solutions available
  • High-quality ready-made fabrics
  • Operated by electric drive

Areas of application

A conservatory shade provides sun protection

The main function of a conservatory shade is to provide sun protection. This protects the conservatory from intense sunlight and prevents heat building up. This helps keep the temperature feeling comfortable and means you can use the room in any season.

A conservatory shade provides glare protection

The shade reduces glare, creating a pleasant atmosphere in your conservatory. That leaves you free to enjoy spending time in your conservatory without being disturbed by light reflecting through the glass surfaces.

A conservatory shade provides privacy protection

Stay protected from prying eyes from outside. Enjoy uninterrupted time in your conservatory and protect your privacy with a conservatory shade tailored to your needs.

Energy efficiency

By using a conservatory shade, you can also regulate how much energy is used in the conservatory. The shade can protect against overheating in summer, while it provides additional insulation in winter.

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What is a conservatory shade?

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A conservatory shade is a specially developed shading solution for conservatories that primarily provides sun protection. Mounted either inside or outside the conservatory, it helps to regulate the sunlight entering the room and prevent heat building up there. A conservatory shade also provides privacy protection, stopping people looking in from outside. The shade can be partially or fully closed to achieve the desired dim-out effect and degree of privacy protection. The variable setting offers full control over the indoor climate, enabling optimum use of the conservatory at any time of day – even in different weather conditions.

A conservatory shade for indoors or outdoors?

An interior conservatory shade

When installing a conservatory shade, you can choose to install it from the inside as an under-glass awning or from the outside as an on-glass awning. The under-glass awning is fitted directly under the conservatory’s glazed roof and provides elegant sun protection that is flush with the roof structure. Interior shades are advantageous since they can be used regardless of the weather. However, it is impossible to prevent the facade from heating up due to the energy radiation – especially in warm weather. Interior shades should therefore only be used in conjunction with appropriate ventilation and air-conditioning technology. When choosing colours, we recommend opting for lighter shades to prevent the room from overheating. Depending on the model variant, different fabrics are available: Acrylic fabrics (only mono colours), Soltis 92 or Soltis 99.

Models for interior shading


An exterior conservatory shade

An on-glass awning is mounted on the glazed roof and, if required, on the vertical panes by means of guide rails via which the awning fabric is tensioned. In terms of positioning, it is more flexible than an under-glass awning. The positioning above the glass greatly reduces the heat input, keeping the temperature stable for longer – especially in direct sunlight. However, depending on the type of installation, model and fabric, care must be taken to retract the shading system in good time in bad weather.

Both variants offer effective privacy and sun protection. Your choice largely depends on your individual circumstances and aesthetic preferences.

Models for exterior shading

Custom manufacture and professional installation

An MHZ conservatory shade is manufactured individually for your conservatory. Our MHZ specialist retailers take your specific requirements and the architectural conditions into account. Our specialist retailers will take exact measurements, select the appropriate type of installation and professionally install your chosen sun protection.

Our models for exterior shading

MIKRA exterior shade – exceptional lightness

In principle, the MIKRA exterior shade works like an inclined roller blind with its fabric tensioned via guide rails. Depending on the size of the glass surface to be shaded, several units can be installed. When not in use, the awning fabric is retracted and protected from dirt and other weather-related effects in the cassette. In the background, sophisticated technology is at work that sets this exterior shade apart. Innovative coaxial counter-pull technology ensures optimum fabric tension in every phase of movement. In turn, the specially developed power shaft ensures maximum stability and the best possible winding behaviour.

Benefits of MIKRA

  • Closed drive unit protecting the fabric from dirt
  • Innovative coaxial counter-pull technology, optimum fabric tension and force distribution
  • Slimline structure,
  • suitable Suitable for sizes up to 450 x 450 cm
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ALTO exterior shade – virtuosity in design

Thanks to the ALTO system, angled and vertical glass surfaces can be completely shaded with a continuous system. To satisfy particular requirements for conservatories, glazed roofs, terraces and rooflights, we offer special customised solutions with ALTO. The stable construction supports widths of up to 550 cm.

Benefits of ALTO

  • Perfect solution for dome systems, angled and vertical glass surfaces
  • Stable construction, suitable for large dimensions
  • Innovative coaxial counter-pull technology, optimum fabric tension and force distribution
  • Various design options, angled/vertical shading also available
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Our models for interior shading

SWING gathered shading system – perfectly setting the scene

Ideal for larger glass surfaces, the manually operated SWING gathered shading system never fails to impress. Whether for indoor use or outdoor use under glass – acrylic awning fabrics and transparent Soltis fabrics are available in a wide range of colours. The built-in pull cord with counter-pull technology makes it easy to operate. The continuous installation rail optimally distributes the occurring forces into the installation substructure. Flexibility is a top priority with SWING – whether it is the positioning of the guide cables or the spacing of the incorporated crossbars. As a result, even custom solutions can be implemented quickly.

Benefits of SWING

  • Large sizes can be accommodated, for areas up to 15 m²
  • Manual drive, convenient pull cord operation with counter-pull
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DELTA interior shade – textile-like elegance

What is so special about this gathered shading system? Well, for some it is the great variety of designs, the wide range of models and the versatile choice of mono fabrics. For others, it is the intelligence behind the technology, the gravity or counter-pull system and the pull-cord, gear or motor operation. It is quite simply wonderful that you do not have to choose one position over another. Instead, the DELTA system means you can always indulge in a custom and dimensionally accurate solution for modern glass architecture. In conservatories, for rooflights or ribbon windows. If you feel like playing with light and shade, DELTA opens up a wealth of perspectives.

Benefits of DELTA

  • Individual design options with a gravity or counter-pull system depending on requirements
  • Special shapes, e.g. a trapezoidal shape with projecting blind rails
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INTRA interior shade – design flexibility

Whether for conservatories or modern roofing for terraces, you can enjoy modern, custom and flexible shading for existing glass surfaces with INTRA. The electrically driven, innovative coaxial counter-pull technology ensures optimum fabric tension in every position, making it suitable for horizontal or sloping surfaces. The sun protection is fixed under the construction or in the recess. A wide range of design options enables optimal shading with freedom and flexibility.

Benefits of INTRA

  • Closed drive unit protecting the fabric from dirt
  • Flexible installation options, mounting under or between the construction

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Manual, electric or smart control?

A conservatory shade can be controlled either manually or electrically, depending on your personal needs and preferences. When operated manually, you can open and close the shade using a crank handle or telescopic rod. This option is particularly practical if the conservatory does not require regular shading.

In contrast, electric control offers you the highest level of convenience. The shade can be opened and closed effortlessly at the touch of a button. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the conservatory shade into your smart home system. You can then conveniently operate the shade via your smartphone, your tablet or even voice control. This allows you to control the system flexibly and conveniently, even when you are not at home. Particularly with external sun protection, using rain sensors and wind monitors can extend the service life significantly.

Smart home integration

A conservatory shade with smart home integration opens up numerous possibilities for automation and control. As an example, you can set schedules for the shade to open and close automatically. This allows sunlight to be optimally regulated and energy saved. In addition, the shade can be linked with other smart home components – such as light and temperature controllers – to create the perfect indoor climate. Integrating the conservatory shade into your smart home system gives you intuitive and intelligent control that increases both your comfort and energy efficiency.

Learn more about smart home

Different types of shading for outdoor areas

Conservatory shades, awnings, side awnings, vertical awnings or roller shutters?

While a conservatory shade is specifically designed for use in conservatories to regulate the indoor climate there, an awning is a popular choice for shading patios and balconies. It is made from a flexible fabric that can be extended at the touch of a button or by hand to provide shade.

Side awnings are a special type of awning ideally suited to shading patios or balconies from the side. They are mounted vertically on the facade and can be extended if necessary to protect against lateral sunlight, wind or prying eyes. Sun sails are an alternative to conventional shading systems such as awnings. They are made of a robust fabric that is stretched in various shapes to provide shade.

Roller shutters are a classic shading solution for windows. They consist of robust slats that can be raised and lowered by hand or using a motor. Roller shutters provide effective sun protection, privacy protection and heat insulation, while offering additional security against break-ins. Vertical awnings or outdoor roller blinds are a textile alternative to roller shutters. The fabric runs down two rails that are mounted on the facade or window frame. There are also models featuring cord guides. Vertical awnings can also be mounted on conservatories or pergolas.

When choosing the right shading solution, it is important to consider your personal needs, the location and the architectural conditions. Each option offers a particular set of advantages and features.

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