Blendschutz im Wohnzimmer durch Jalousien am Fenster

Venetian blinds collection

Metallic trend in interior design

The metallic trend in finishes can be seen everywhere: cars with white high-gloss or silver matt paint finishes, mobile phones with a golden back cover or changing metallic wristwatches have long since shaped our everyday lives. With its new Venetian blind collection, MHZ is now also bringing this fashion into interior design, aligning itself with the market and fashion.

Slats with texture and effects

Satin matt or brushed finishes, hammer-blow effects, frosted, crushed or embossed structures and concrete, high-gloss or soft-touch effects and high-contrast graphic designs complement the range. MHZ underlines the traditionally technical character of its horizontal Venetian blinds with this fashion-orientated range of colours. 

Lamellendesign BRUSH für Jalousien


Champagne (546)


Silver (602)

Braunes Lamellendesign 640 FROSTED mit Muster für Jalousien


Mud (640)

Grünes Lamellendesign 826 GRAPHIC mit Muster für Jalousien


Green (826)

Braunes Lamellendesign 644 ICY mit Muster für Jalousien


Mud (644)


Sand (631)

gestreiftes Lamellendesign LINES für Jalousien


White (820)

Dunkles Lamellendesign 617 LUXURY mit Muster für Jalousien


Anthracite (627)

Lamellendesign CALM für Jalousien


Cream (800)

weißes Lamellendesign 511 MESH mit schwarzen Punkten als Muster für Jalousien


White (511)


Taupe (610)


White (630)


Light grey (833)

Lamellendesign VELVET in creme für Jalousien


White (601)


Light yellow (753)


Grey (825)


Silver (801)

Blendschutz am Arbeitsplatz durch Jalousien am Fenster
Jalousien an den Fenster im Essbereich
MHZ Jalousien an den Fenstern in der Küche

You will find the following slats in the collection

PURE - Colour coordination in every detail

Using the exclusive PURE slat, you can match the horizontal slats to the MHZ units' profile colours. In silver, white, black or anthracite, it is available in four widths: 16, 25, 35 or 50 millimetres.

OBSCURE - Cool concrete look

You can supplement modern country house style using the OBSCURE slat. Its raw, textured concrete look merges harmoniously into the interior design in cool, Nordic colours.

VELVET METAL - Elegant shimmer effect

If you want to give a classic interior design style that certain something extra, the VELVET METAL slat is the perfect choice: in deep shades of white, grey and brown it follows the current trend for natural colour schemes in the home. Whenever light enters, the soft-touch slat's shimmer effect creates an elegant highlight.

DIM - For colourful touches

For lovers of colourful contrasting touches, the silk matt DIM slat offers great scope for creative interior design. In addition to classic home living colours in all four widths, the 25-millimetre slat is available in a total of 32 colours, which can be combined in a single blind.

Slats Dessin DIM

Lamellendesign DIM für Jalousien

White (504)

Flider (728)

rotes Lamellendesign DIM für Jalousien

Wine red (569)

organgenes Lamellendesign 563 DIM für Jalousien

Orange (563)

Yellow (725)

Green (668)

Hellgrünes Lamellendesign 722 DIM für Jalousien

Mint green (722)

Blue (720)

Light blue (717)

Grey (716)

Brown (636)

Light brown (715)

Cream (627)

Slats Dessin Metallic

Anthracite (616)

Gold (793)

White (792)

Grey (790)

Copper (633)

Silver (791)

Gold (632)

Silver (519)

Anthracite (616)

Brown (615)

Anthracite (637)

Silver (516)

Other slats

  • BRUSH: Brushed surface ranging in colour from white, via rosé gold to silver
  • CLAM: Hammer finish look in classic home living colours
  • FROSTED: Frosted texture in white, taupe and silver
  • LUXURY: Crushed look in white, silver and anthracite
  • NETWORK: Pronounced network texture in soft shades
  • GLOSSY: Gloss finish in classic home living colours
  • STRIPE: Natural striped pattern in country house style in sand and taupe
  • LINES: Classic stripes in white and grey
  • GRAPHIC: Graphic pattern full of contrast in grey, green and red
  • MESH: Finely pierced slat for an even better view through the blind to the outside
  • THERMOSTOP®: coated slat for regulating indoor temperature
MHZ Jalousien Kollektionsfächer

Individuality through different slat widths

In addition to the selection of various colours, textures and patterns, some of the slat designs also come in different widths. The standard slat is 25 mm. For a more filigree look or if you have small windows, you can select the narrowest 16 mm version. 35 mm or even 50 mm slats are effective in large windows.

Venetian blinds for the home and commerce

Helle Jalousien an den Fenster im Essbereich

Thermally treated, these extremely hard aluminium slats are very resistant and durable, qualifying them for use in all private and public spaces. Sie sind vielseitig einsetzbar, was die trendorientierten Metallic-Farben optimal unterstreichen.

The slats are easy to clean. They are thus ideal for use in damp locations, such as kitchens and bathrooms. As the blinds are ideal for workplaces with computer screens, they are frequently used in offices.

The European-made slats also contribute to the sustainable conservation of raw materials: they are manufactured from up to 98 percent recycled materials.

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