Custom light well covers

For basements and underground garages

Light well covers, also known as basement well covers, from the MHZ range of insect screen products effectively prevent leaves, dirt and undesirable pests and small animals from getting into your well and your home. The mesh is custom-made to your specific dimensions, then it is simply laid on top of your existing grating and screwed on. The robust stainless steel mesh is hard-wearing and weather-resistant, meaning the light well or basement well is permanently protected.


Benefits of MHZ light well covers

  • Custom-made
  • Weather-resistant and rust-proof – thanks to corrosion-resistant materials
  • Hard-wearing, safe to walk on and non-slip
  • Optional: safe to drive on thanks to robust expanded aluminium
  • Allows light and air in
  • No more laborious cleaning of light wells

Models at a glance

LISA light well cover – universal

Let nothing more than light and fresh air into your house and basement – dirt, leaves and pests can stay outside. The LISA light well cover is easy to fit over your basement grate and remove again for cleaning in just a few simple steps. The mesh of the hard-wearing, non-slip LISA light well cover is made from V2A stainless steel, which makes it very robust and safe to walk on. It can also be reinforced with expanded metal if required, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the mesh even more. The chamfered frame profiles mean there are no protruding edges to present a trip hazard. A brush seal integrated into the frame profile forms a seal with the top of the ground.

ELSA light well cover – elegant

The perfect replacement grating with built-in leaf and insect protection. ELSA is an extremely durable, flush-fitting alternative to your existing grating, which is level with the ground. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, ELSA is able to withstand even extreme weather conditions. It consists of a high-alloy stainless steel mesh, a stable aluminium profile and a fibreglass-reinforced grating. ELSA is attached by installing it in the light well as a complete element and is suitable not only for patio areas, but also for other light wells around the house that you want to prevent small animals and pests from entering.

TERRESA light well cover – practical

Do you have a patio and need an unobtrusive and hard-wearing cover plus an insect screen for your light well? TERRESA from MHZ is a high-quality, universal inlay for your patio. Take on-site measurements, insert your TERRESA and you are done! No need for a sub-construction. The rounded profiles and minimalist elegance fit right into any installation situation. The TERRESA patio inlay is suited to wooden decking but can also be used as a light well cover for conventional basement wells, where it replaces existing gratings.

RESI light well cover – rain-proof

The RESI light well cover is the ideal choice if you require a good level of protection against moisture and wet conditions. This basement well cover is rain-proof and stops rain from getting into the well. A built-in ventilation element with the prescribed airflow cross-section ensures that basement rooms are adequately ventilated. The replaceable stainless steel mesh means it is easy to clean. UV-resistant, highly transparent, hard-wearing and non-slip polycarbonate provides lasting protection. The mesh is supplied with rain-proof screw fastenings as standard.

Colours and materials

The elegant aluminium profiles for the light well covers are available in anodised silver grey or powder-coated in dark grey and mid-grey, each with a shimmer effect. This allows you to match the colour of your LISA, ELSA, TERRESA and RESI light well covers to your particular installation situation.

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