Helle Doppelrollos im Motiv VICTOR an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer

Made-to-measure double roller blinds

High-quality double roller blinds from MHZ

Hellgrau gemusterte Doppelrollos an den Fenster im Wohnbereich braun und weiß gestreifte Doppelrollos in der Küche

MHZ made-to-measure double roller blinds are a stunning decorative element for any room, providing privacy protection and sun protection at the same time. The different patterns and colours available create a special ambience in the rooms where they are installed. In contrast to the traditional roller blind, a double roller blind, also called a duo roller blind, features stripes or interesting patterns in various transparency levels. This also allows you to create fascinating light effects, depending on the position of the blinds. 

Thanks to the flexible positioning of its fabric lengths, a double roller blind provides privacy protection and sun protection at the same time. When the patterns are lined up with each other, a lot of light passes through the blind. However, if they are offset, then less light passes through the fabric. MHZ made-to-measure double roller blinds are available in many different colours such as white, cream, beige and grey.

Benefits of double roller blinds

  • Individually made-to-measure
  • Sophisticated 3D effects – resulting in a flexible and vibrant blind with variable translucence
  • Custom-made decorative textile element combined with a sun protection function
  • Can be used to provide glare protection and privacy protection for the study, living room, bathroom, bedroom and children’s room
  • Easy to operate, electric or manual
  • Suitable for ceiling installation or wall installation
  • High-quality collection with over 70 fabrics
  • Slim bracket profile and elegant head rail

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Weiße Doppelrollos von MHZ im Essbereich

MHZ Double roller blinds - Pattern KIRA (1065)

Helle Doppelrollos als Blendschutz an den Fenster und Türen im Wohnbereich

MHZ Double roller blinds - Pattern HENRIK (2870)

Helle Doppelrollos als Blendschutz im Arbeitszimmer

MHZ Double roller blinds - Pattern KIRA (1065)

Doppelrollo SAMBA an den Fenstern im Wohnbereich

MHZ Double roller blinds - Pattern VIOLA (1145)

Uses and functions of double roller blinds

Braun und Weiß gestreifte Doppelrollos als Sichtschutz im Badezimmer

Double roller blinds for privacy protection and sun protection

Double roller blinds provide an effective way to protect your home from prying eyes and also allow you to control the amount of daylight coming in. This type of privacy protection consists of two fabric lengths that are alternately transparent and opaque. Adjusting the fabric lengths allows you to set the desired level of privacy and how much light comes into the room.

Double roller blinds for your decor

Double roller blinds enhance any interior style and come in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics. Discover MHZ made-to-measure double roller blinds in striking designs that will add character and visual flair to your room. A popular option is to combine double roller blinds with other window furnishings, e.g. curtains. This combination offers even more design possibilities in the room. In addition to the usual striped pattern, there is a choice of other patterns such as waves or geometric shapes. Depending on the required look, the double roller blind can be manufactured with or without a cassette. The cassette can be ordered in a choice of a rectangular or rounded shape in a variety of colours so that it blends in seamlessly with your interior.

Doppelrollos Detailansicht von Design HENRIK mit eckigen Wellen


Doppelrollos Detailansicht von Design LOKI mit kleinen Wellen als Muster


Doppelrollos Detailansicht von Design LOGAN mit Parallelogrammen als Muster


Doppelrollos Detailansicht von Design OSKAR mit Sanduhren als Muster


Textile art with light that inspires

Cremefarbene Doppelrollos an den Fenster und Türen im Wohnbereich

With more than 70 fabrics in selected weaves and designs, the MHZ double roller blind collection accentuates modern room interiors for a greater quality of life. Thanks to its high-quality fabric, the double roller blind also adds a stylish touch to both residential and commercial spaces. This made-to-measure blind is easy to use too:  the transparent endless bead chain for chain operation is used to adjust the blind to your individual needs, while the low-noise electric motors (24 V) provide even more comfort and convenience. 

Changing between different transparency levels controls the light coming into the room and creates a pleasant sense of tranquillity.

Waves instead of stripes

The newly designed LOLA double roller blind fabric, which uses a special weaving technique to alternate the transparent and opaque sections in a wavy design, is a very special textile fabric. By operating the blind, not only can you individually adjust the level of light and privacy protection, but the overlays also create beautiful 3D effects that constantly produce surprising new patterns. Textile art with light that inspires. Control the amount of light by alternating the opaque and transparent fabric stripes.

Light regulation through alternating tightly and transparently woven stripes

Nahaufnahme von Doppelrollos Dessin 3253 Welle
Nahaufnahme von Doppelrollo Dessin 3235 Welle
Nahaufnahme von Doppelrollos Dessin 3247 Welle
Nahaufnahme von Doppelrollos Dessin 3236
Nahaufnahme von Doppelrollos Dessin 3238 Welle

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What is a double roller blind?

seitlicher Blick auf ein Doppelrollo

A double roller blind differs from a traditional roller blind in that it is made up of several fabric lengths featuring opaque and transparent patterns, e.g. waves. This allows the light to filter through differently each time the roller blind moves position. If you would like to use the double roller blind to provide sun protection, simply move the fabric lengths over each other so that the transparent fabric sections are covered by opaque ones. If you only want to use the made-to-measure blind to provide privacy protection or as a decorative element and still allow light into the room, you can vary the position of the blind and experiment with the amount of light coming in.

Types of installation for double roller blinds

Doppelrollos Montagearten Wand und Decke im Vergleich

MHZ made-to-measure double roller blinds can be installed to suit different window situations and needs. They can be installed on the wall or ceiling, both in front of and inside the window recess (drilling and screwing is required).

Operating options for double roller blinds

Doppelrollos mit Fernbedienung

Our double roller blinds can be controlled conveniently as a chain operation roller blind manually using a chain or electrically via remote control. This also gives you the option of integrating your made-to-measure roller blind into your smart home system.

Controlling MHZ double roller blinds with your smart home system

You can conveniently operate the made-to-measure double roller blind from MHZ via your smartphone or tablet, even when you are not at home. This allows you to raise your double roller blinds when you are away from home if you want to let light into the house or to lower the blinds to protect your rooms from strong midday sun in the summer or from the cold in the winter. Connect your made-to-measure double roller blind with other smart home devices in your home for even more convenience: for example, you can set the double roller blind to automatically lower in strong sunlight and at a certain temperature, and raise it again in the evening when the temperature reaches a certain level.

Read more about smart homes

Cleaning double roller blinds

Use a clean, soft clothes brush to carefully brush off dust from double roller blinds. Any soiling can easily be wiped off with a suitable cloth or rag without applying pressure.

If you have any questions, your dealer will be happy to help you.

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