Insektenschutz am Dachfenster

Insect screens for windows

No chance for insects and pollen

You undoubtedly know the scene: after a long day at work you have settled down on the sofa with a good book – bliss! Sadly the tranquillity is soon over. A fly has found its way in through the tilted window and is buzzing persistently around your nose. It's really annoying! In lovely summer weather in particular there are lots of insects about. They in effect see any open window without an insect grille as an invitation to enter. Using our effective insect screen you can quickly, simply and conveniently make your window ‘insect-proof’. It reliably protects you from irritating creatures in your home and from itchy insect bites on your body. You are thus able to enjoy the warm summer months in peace.

Benefits of insect screens for windows

  • Made-to-measure
  • Large variety of models
  • Different functional fabrics; also pollen protection fabric for allergy sufferers
  • Fits almost invisibly
  • Installation without drilling and screwing
  • Gapless and gap-free installation
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Matching technology colours for PVC, aluminium or wooden windows

Models at a glance

Tensioning frame

An insect screen with a frame has the advantage of being  very easy and uncomplicated to fit. Our range of insect screens includes over 150 different versions with tensioning frames. Naturally we also have solutions at the ready for more difficult fitting situations.

A tensioning frame is inserted in just a few simple moves and can be just as easily taken out again, for instance for cleaning the window. No matter whether you have PVC, aluminium or wooden windows, our insect screen in the same style fits inconspicuously into your home’s overall look.

One thing that it's important to know: with the right tensioning frame, windows and roller shutters always remain able to function 100%.

Side-hinged and swing screens

Especially if you open and close your windows a lot, for example to water flowers, side-hinged or swing insect screens are the ideal choice. Both are quick and easy to use. The conventional side-hinged frame can be opened in one direction, either inwards or outwards. A modern swing screen on the other hand opens in both directions, thus giving you even more freedom of movement.

Roller screen for windows 

Our practical roller screen can be attached to the window on the inside or outside. For watering flowers or airing beds, it can be opened and closed again very easily – just like a conventional roller blind. To ensure absolutely reliable protection from insects there are also thick brushes for the side guides.

One particularly practical aspect is that the roller insect screen can be completely integrated into the window, be it on the building front or roof.

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NEHER partner

We work with tried-and-tested, award-winning components from NEHER, the German market leader in the field of insect screen systems.

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