Honeycomb blinds on wall or ceiling

Honeycomb blinds are available in free-hanging and tensioned versions. If you do not want to mount your honeycomb blind directly on the window frame, the free-hanging version is recommended. Similar to a roller blind, the honeycomb pleated blind can be attached either to the wall or ceiling in front of or in the window recess. It is operated either via a chain or electrically by app control or remote control. This flexible way of mounting and operating allows you to adjust the honeycomb blind according to your individual preferences and needs to achieve the right level of light and privacy.

Benefits of honeycomb blinds on wall or ceiling

  • Made to measure
  • For wide windows up to 4 metres
  • Can be operated manually or electrically or motorised
  • Smart Home compatible

Get inspired

MHZ DUETTE® honeycomb blind - motif JURASSIC (6872)

MHZ DUETTE® honeycomb blind - motif KOI (6879)

MHZ DUETTE® honeycomb blind - fabric ELAN PEARL (8145)

Hellblaues Wabenplissee als Sichtschutz im Wohnbereich

MHZ DUETTE® honeycomb blind - motif LANDSCAPE (6655)

Wabenplissees mit einem bunten Streifen in der Mitte

MHZ DUETTE® honeycomb blind - motif COLOURS (6600-6603)

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Smart Home

Free-hanging honeycomb blinds can be motorised, allowing them to be integrated into your smart home system. Find out more about our partner systems into which our privacy and sun protection products can be integrated.

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