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Privacy screens for balconies

High-quality made-to-measure privacy screens

Privacy screens for balconies are great for providing privacy and protection from prying eyes, while offering you the opportunity to customise your outdoor space to suit your individual needs. Balcony screens consist of collapsible elements that are attached to a frame. These screens can be opened or closed as needed to provide the desired degree of privacy protection.

The TERRAZZO privacy screen by MHZ consists of a sturdy metal frame covered with a weather-resistant, mostly opaque fabric similar to a fan. The frame can be securely fastened to the railing of the balcony or to the facade with the help of a wall bracket. The custom-made balcony screen allows you to enjoy your time on the balcony undisturbed, without having to worry about other people’s prying eyes. Plus, the privacy screen provides some protection against wind and sunlight – especially when the sun is low in the sky – allowing you to use your outdoor space even on sunny and windy days.

Fixing and installing privacy screens

A privacy screen consists of a sturdy metal frame covered with a weather-resistant fabric similar to a fan. The frame can be securely fastened to the balcony or exterior facade with the help of a wall bracket. With a high-quality protective cover, you can protect your balcony screen from the weather when it is not in use and maintain its longevity.

Privacy screens provide privacy protection and wind protection

Thanks to the flexibility of the screen shape, you can position the frame so that there is optimal lateral and opaque privacy protection, without restricting the light on your balcony. The privacy screen can also serve as a windbreak.

Privacy screens provide sun protection

Privacy screens for balconies can also provide sun protection and are increasingly used as an alternative to the classic parasol. However, they can also be used in combination with a parasol or an awning to provide even greater protection from the sun’s rays. Particularly when the sun is low in the sky, a side privacy screen can help to protect you from the sun’s rays.

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Privacy screen, balcony curtain or side awning – what is the difference?

While a privacy screen consists of a folding metal frame covered with fabric that can be attached to the side of a balcony, a balcony curtain offers flexible privacy and sun protection with a fabric panel being attached to the ceiling. Balcony curtains are easy to use and they create a pleasant atmosphere with their textile and vibrant character. When not in use, a balcony curtain can simply be pushed aside and fixed with tie-backs. A side awning is a robust option for balconies and patios, made from a tear-resistant fabric that is protected from the weather in an enclosed holder when not in use. It can easily be extended and retracted. All three options offer protection from the sun, weather and prying eyes of passers-by or neighbours in different ways.

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