Cremefarbene Markise als Sonnenschutz auf der Terasse

Awnings for patios and balconies

High-quality awnings for patios and balconies

Dunkelgraue Markise an einem weißen Haus

With an awning, you can create your very own oasis of calm on your patio, on your balcony or in your garden. Custom-made awnings from MHZ are a classic solution for shading large outdoor areas. Available in widths of up to 7 metres, they can block sunlight effectively, providing shade for open spaces. They can also help to keep temperatures constant inside buildings. Awnings not only protect people – they also prevent damage to fragile garden furniture or delicate plants. At the same time, awnings can be used to protect patios from rain, since they can be left extended during a quick shower. They are therefore a great functional alternative to a patio cover.

Our awning collection contains over 140 different awning fabrics featuring various colours and patterns. The fabrics are light-fast and colour-fast with a special dirt-repellent and water-repellent finish.

Our awning fabrics are custom-made using either a high-quality UV-resistant sewing thread or an innovative diffusion welding technique. Explore our MHZ cassette awnings, retractable awnings, tube awnings and carrier bar awnings.

Benefits of awnings

  • Individually custom-made
  • Installed on the wall, ceiling or rafters or in a recess
  • Suitable for patios, balconies or gardens
  • Providing sun protection, privacy protection and rain protection
  • Smart appearance
  • Easy to operate, electrically or manually
  • Can be integrated into smart home systems
  • Width of up to 7 metres

Get inspired

Gelenkarmmarkise in grün über den Fenster auf dem Balkon

MHZ Awnings - art_02

Sonnenschutz auf der Terrasse durch gelbe Markise am Haus

MHZ Awnings - art_01

Sonnenschutz auf der Terrasse durch rote Markise am Haus

MHZ Awnings - art_01

MHZ Awnings - art_02 with with VERTIMA valance

Mehrere Markisen in den Farben grün und grau an einem Mehrfamilienhaus

MHZ Awnings - art_01 & art_02

Beige Markise am Haus bei Nacht

MHZ Awnings - art_02

Graue Gelenkarmmarkise am Haus von der Gartensicht

MHZ Awnings - art_02

MHZ Awnings - art_01

MHZ Awnings - VEGAS

Areas of application

Awnings for sun protection and thermal protection

With MHZ awnings, you are free to enjoy the sunshine without being exposed to the scorching heat directly. The materials used to make MHZ awning fabrics are UV-resistant, meaning they offer reliable protection from harmful sunlight. At the same time, they keep heat out and make sure your patio or balcony stays pleasantly cool.

Awnings for weather protection

The robust material from which awnings are made can protect you from wind and rain as well as the sun. The awning fabric keeps raindrops out and stops the ground in your outdoor space from getting wet. An awning can also protect you from the wind to a certain extent.

art_02 with VERTIMA valance

A stunning awning solution – decorative, flexible, practical

The clear benefi ts of the optional art_02 VERTIMA valance are the additional privacy and sun protection it offers. Although the sun can cast a beautiful light in the evening sky as it sets, you may also want to protect your privacy from prying eyes in the vicinity – and with this product, you can.

  • Elegant appearance and streamlined, simple design
  • Great variety of colours and different fabric types
  • Can be integrated into smart home systems

Integration, automation and security

Electrically controlled awnings can be connected to wind monitors and rain sensors. This avoids damage, as the awnings can be retracted fully automatically in good time before the weather gets too bad. You can also use smart home systems to set up other automatic routines and to easily operate your awning electrically from your smartphone or tablet. Gone are the days of having to use the manual crank to retract or extend your awning – instead you can open or close it with just one tap, which is really handy if you are not at home and want to protect your plants or furniture from sunlight or a shower of rain. You can also connect your awning to other smart home devices to create an automated system. For example, you can set the awning to retract automatically at sunset or to extend when the temperature reaches a particular level. This allows you to save energy by keeping the sun’s rays out before they heat up your house.

Controlling awnings with your smart home system

If you want to conveniently retract or extend your MHZ awning when you are away from home, you have the option of integrating it into your smart home system. Controlling an awning via a smart home system brings numerous benefits, above all in terms of convenience, energy efficiency and security.


Discover MHZ compatible smart home systems

Outdoor living both day and night

Awning with lighting

The LED lighting built into the art_02 awning creates a wonderful ambience on your patio or balcony – even after sunset. Thanks to a diffuser profile, the light strip installed on the underside of the cassette emits a lovely even light whether the awning is extended or retracted. The brightness can be infinitely adjusted using the radio remote control provided.


Beige Markise am Haus bei Nacht

Large selection of awning fabrics and colours

Thanks to its comprehensive range of colours, the MHZ awning collection gives you incredible design freedom.

High-quality fabrics that offer a dirt-repellent and water-repellent finish, light-fastness and colour stability are combined with the very latest hardware to give a sophisticated outdoor product that meets the very highest demands.

MHZ awning collection (PDF)

Not only can you choose your awning fabric – you also have the option to configure all the other parts of the awning in the colour you want. Whether you want to match your hardware to the colour of your window frames or the facade, you can choose from the hardware colours shown below. Alternatively, you can choose from even more RAL special colours. Your specialist dealer will be happy to advise you.

Nachhaltigkeit Symbolleiste in grün

Sustainable awning fabric 

Addition to the Green Stories

The sustainable OEKO WEAVE awning fabric is made from over 30 percent reused fi bres. These are fi bres which would normally be disposed of as waste during the process of dyeing from one colour to another as mixed-colour yarns. Instead, they are now used as weft yarn in new fabrics. Another sustainable story to add to the MHZ “Green Stories”.

  • Reuse of production waste
    30% proportion of reused fibres

Technique colours

RAL 9016


RAL 9006


DB 703


RAL 7016

Anthracite grey

Find your perfect awning by creating a 3D representation with our Design Selector

Use our Design Selector tool to find exactly the right awning fabric to create the perfect awning for your patio in just four easy steps. The Design Selector allows you to simulate various MHZ fabrics on different MHZ awning models. You can quickly and easily compare different colours, designs and fabrics. The built-in shade simulator imitates the path followed by the sun and the shade provided by the patio cover. Simply enter the place and date and you can then use the slider to change the position of the sun and see how well the awning you have configured will protect against sunlight as it varies according to the time of day.


Benefits of the Design Selector

  • Digital catalogue including all fabrics in the collection
  • Filter by colour and pattern
  • Search for colour numbers
  • Create wish lists
  • PDF download of a data sheet for your desired fabric
  • Realistic representation of what fabrics look like on an awning
  • Simulation of the path followed by the sun at a particular place and on a particular date with the shade simulator


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What is an awning?

An awning is a shading system that can be attached above windows, doors or patios to offer protection from direct sunlight and showers of rain. An awning can also provide privacy protection. It consists of a flexible awning fabric, usually made of polyester or acrylic, which is attached to a metal structure that is often made of aluminium or steel. Awnings can be operated manually using a crank or by an electric drive. MHZ awnings are available in various sizes, colours and designs. And they can be adapted to meet your specific wishes and needs. Find out more about our different types of awning.

Awning types at a glance

What is a retractable awning?

A retractable awning consists of a frame with attached joint arms that extend to the sides. These arms can be folded out to make the awning fabric taut and provide shade.

Dunkle Markise als Sonnenschutz auf der Terrasse

What is a cassette awning?

Unlike open awnings, where the awning fabric is attached to a rod or frame, a cassette awning is kept in an enclosed cassette when it is retracted. This protects the awning fabric from the effects of the weather such as rain, snow and sunlight, which prolongs the service life of the awning. Our VEGAS, art_01 and art_02 cassette awnings can be operated manually or electrically.

Sonnenschutz auf der Terrasse durch rote Markise am Haus

Patio awning – the MHZ cassette awning for large patios

With just two joint arms and brackets for a size of 7 x 4 metres, the MHZ art_02 patio awning provides shade for large areas. Its cube-shaped design and smart construction make the art_02, along with its sister model the art_01, a real highlight of the MHZ range of awnings.

What is a semi-cassette awning?

A semi-cassette awning, also known as a tube awning, consists of a roll-up awning fabric that is kept in an aluminium or steel tube when the awning is not in use. The tube for our nova_02 awning protects the awning from the effects of the weather and prolongs its service life. When extending the awning, the awning fabric is pulled out of the tube and pulled taut over the entire area you want to shade with the help of arms or joint arms. The valance provides more shade, especially when the sun is low in the sky, and also conceals the joint arms from view. The tube awning can be operated manually via a crank or motor-powered by an electric drive.

What is a carrier bar awning?

Unlike other awnings, where the fabric covering is attached to arms or joint arms, on a carrier bar awning the awning fabric is rolled onto a carrier bar. The carrier bar is usually made from aluminium or steel and rests on one or more supports. It includes a valance, which conceals the joint arms from view and also provides more shade, especially when the sun is low in the sky.  The awning is extended manually or electrically by pulling the carrier bar out along the supports. This rolls out the awning fabric and pulls it taut to provide shade and protect against the sun and quick showers of rain.

We offer the VERTIMA vertical roller blind as an accessory for our CLASSIC and CLASSIC Maxima carrier bar awnings. The height of the valance attached to the awning can be individually adjusted just like a roller blind, giving you additional protection from the sun on your patio, especially when the sun is low in the sky.

Other types of awning – side awnings, vertical awnings & privacy screens

In addition to our traditional awnings, which are installed parallel to the ground as a balcony or patio cover, we offer vertical shading options too. These include our SOLEO side awning, LOGGIA vertical awning and TERRAZZO privacy screen.

Discover our outdoor privacy and sunshade products as well as insect screens