Metal blinds s_onro

Roller shutter and sun blind made of aluminium micro slats

With its modern form, s_onro combines blind and roller shutter functions in fascinating fashion. At a pitch of 20 degrees and above the aluminium blind shields the interior from direct incoming sunlight.

The unique construction enables transparent privacy screening and sunshade and also lets the room be blacked out. The amount of incoming light can be individually determined by opening and closing the blind. With its high level of transparency, s_onro ensures sufficient light inside and the ability to see outside.

s_onro product benefits

  • Dual function: Privacy screening and sunshade or blackout
  • Blackout when blind is closed
  • Modern aluminium look
  • Low weight thanks to roll-formed components
  • Provides perfect daylight
  • High reduction in solar energy
  • Choice of colour scheme
  • Extremely wind resistant, suitable for tall buildings

Discover the possibilities

Gartensicht auf ein Haus mit Metallbehängen als Sonnenschutz
Metallbehänge von außen an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer
Sonnenschutz durch außenliegende Metallbehänge als Rollladenalternative

Technical benefits


The blinds conform to wind resistance class 6* (equates to resisting winds of up to 26 m/s). That makes the s_onro much more stable in wind than traditional external blinds and textile blinds. * Dependent on dimensions and installation situation


As soon as the sun rises to more than 20º above the horizon, any direct penetration of the sun’s rays is completely cut out.


The blinds are able to prevent up to around 90% of incident solar energy. Air-conditioning costs can thus be greatly reduced or air conditioning not used at all.

Seeing out

High level of transparency from inside to outside thanks to an opening percentage of c. 18% (with a sightline angle from inside of 10°).


The aluminium slats can be easily recycled.

The standard blind colours

similar to RAL 9016


similar to RAL 9006


similar to RAL 9007

Grey aluminium

similar to DB703


similar to RAL 7016

Anthracite grey


  • Material: Aluminium slats, roll-formed
  • Width: min. 0.80 m; max. 2.40 m
  • Height: max. 3.00 m
  • Surface area: max. 6 m2
  • Blind weight: c.  5.8 kg/m²
  • Energy reduction: gtotal = 0.05 (1),  gtotal = 0.03 (2)
  • Wind stability: max. resistance class 6*
  • Drive system: 230V tubular motor
  • Control system protection requirement: Frost sensor


We reserve the right to make technical changes without prior notice.


(1) Metal blind in combination with thermally insulating glazing (total energy transmittance of the glazing as per EN 410: 0.53)
(2) Metal blind in combination with sunshade glazing (total energy transmittance of the glazing as per EN 410: 0.36)

* Dependent on dimensions and installation situation

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