Badezimmer mit Plissee an Terassentür und Dachfenster

Pleated blinds for skylights

Duo-Plissee am Dachfenster über Schreibtisch

Pleated blinds for skylights are the perfect solution for protecting rooms with slanted windows from prying eyes and blinding sunlight. Our high-quality pleated blinds are made to measure and can therefore be ideally integrated into your home.

Benefits of pleated blinds for skylights

  • Made to measure
  • Freely adjustable depending on the model
  • Duo pleated blinds allow a combination of two fabrics in one installation, e.g. darkening and transparent 
  • Can be fitted with or without side guide rails
  • Secure hold thanks to fixing with drilling and screws
  • Skylight can be opened and closed without disturbance
  • Dimensions with 20-150 cm width and up to 150 cm height
  • Can be operated manually or with battery-operated radio drive

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Sustainable pleated blind fabrics

See our selection of 42 sustainable pleated blind fabrics from Green Stories by MHZ. Our Roman blinds are made from up to 100 percent recycled materials, which among other things consist of fabric remnants from the textile industry, discarded PET bottles or plastic waste collected from the beach. These materials are unrecognisable when used to create special pleated blind fabrics with unique patterns and colours.

More pleated blind variants

Plissees an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer

Pleated blinds on wall or ceiling

Wohnraum mit cremefarbenen Plissees in Standard- und Sonderform von MHZ

Pleated blinds in special shapes