Helle Holz-Jalousien an den Fenster und Türen

Custom wooden Venetian blinds

High-quality interior wooden Venetian blinds – natural and with plenty of character

Holz-Jalousien an den Fenster im Arbeitszimmer

Natural materials like wood create a cosy atmosphere and a feeling of real quality – which is why they are right on trend when it comes to interior design and homeware. Whether Scandi, rustic or minimalist – custom wooden Venetian blinds from MHZ will make any interiors trend shine.  They lend living rooms and bedrooms a beautiful aesthetic, a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Used as sun protection, custom wooden Venetian blinds keep the sun’s annoying rays out of your rooms, without darkening them. Used as privacy protection, they are an elegant and stylish form of window decoration, which looks great and is functional at the same time. You can flexibly adjust your slats to keep out prying eyes, while perfectly controlling the amount of light coming in.

A high-quality, natural product, custom wooden Venetian blinds can be made from bamboo, laminated or stained lime, and other materials. Glossy piano polish and hinge plates, top-class workmanship and the very best materials make wooden Venetian blinds very special.

On interior Venetian blinds made from wood, all the mounting elements, ladder cords and ladder tapes are invisibly integrated into the bottom rail. Plus, they are very well suited to use in damp locations and easy to clean.

Benefits of wooden Venetian blinds

  • Natural product made from high-quality types of wood
  • Custom-made to suit your requirements
  • Flexible adaptation of the lighting conditions with freely adjustable slats
  • Very easy to clean and care for
  • Available in a number of different colours and materials
  • For glass facades of up to 240 cm (bamboo) or 270 cm (lime)

Uses of Venetian blinds

Interior Venetian blinds for privacy protection and sun protection

The slats on custom wooden Venetian blinds can be individually adjusted, keep out prying eyes and prevent light shining in directly without completely blocking out the daylight altogether, depending on how they are adjusted.

Interior Venetian blinds for a blackout effect

You can adjust the slats according to the actual amount of light coming in to control the level of brightness inside your rooms. For example, if you do not want to be woken up by direct sunlight in the morning, you can close your Venetian blinds completely so the room will remain slightly darkened.

MHZ wooden Venetian blinds for individual and stunning designs

You can choose from three high-quality types of wood for your interior Venetian blind: bamboo, lime or abachi.


Choose from over 200 RAL colours

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Our bamboo and lime slats can be painted in over 200 RAL colours, so you can choose one that matches your interior design – and your window frame. All slats are available in a slat width of 50 mm. Certain slats can also be obtained in a slat width of 65 mm. The maximum unit width for a wooden Venetian blind is 240 cm for bamboo, 270 cm for lime and 295 cm for abachi.

Our large range of ladder tapes gives you another option for putting your own stamp on your custom-made wooden Venetian blind – for example, you can choose a colour that matches your wooden slats or make a stylish statement by picking a contrasting colour.

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What is a wooden Venetian blind?

Helle Holz-Jalousien an den Fenster und Türen

Wooden Venetian blinds consist of horizontal, adjustable slats that can be made from various types of wood, such as abachi. However, there are also some versions made from aluminium. The slats on both products can be adjusted flexibly to easily control the amount of light entering the room, enabling you to achieve the exact lighting conditions you want.

Wooden Venetian blinds are installed on the wall or ceiling and can be operated manually using a pull cord or electrically via a switch or remote control.

Cleaning MHZ wooden Venetian blinds correctly

Regular and thorough cleaning of blinds significantly increases their service life. Vacuum or wipe the slats carefully with a dry cloth.

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