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Green Stories

Nachhaltigkeit Symbolleiste in grün

Ecologically sustainable – timelessly aesthetic

Discover 42 sustainable pleated blind fabrics, 32 sustainable roller blind and panel blind fabrics, 5 sustainable Roman blind and curtain fabrics and 4 sustainable awning fabrics, made from up to 100 percent recycled material.  Each of them with its very own "story". They tell of Scottish fi shermen clearing the seabed of ocean plastic and of beaches where washed-up plastic is collected. They report on recycled fabric waste from the textile industry and disused PET bottles that are processed into yarns.

Sustainable stories that make our "Green Stories" what they are: high-quality textiles with a uniquely lively look – and the aspiration to make the world a little better every day.

MARE fabric

MARE fabric is made from 50% recycled polyester. The base material is ocean plastic collected from beaches, such as PET bottles, which is processed into a single-origin granulate by local recycling companies. This granulate is turned into a yarn made from 100% recycled plastic from the sea.

Available for our Roman blinds and Curtains.

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OEKO WEAVE fabrics

The sustainable OEKO WEAVE awning fabric is made from over 30 percent reused fi bres. These are fi bres which would normally be disposed of as waste during the process of dyeing from one colour to another as mixed-colour yarns. Instead, they are now used as weft yarn in new fabrics.

  • Reuse of production waste
  • 30% proportion of reused fibres

Available for our Awnings.

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It all starts with the post-consumer polyester waste that people have thrown away. This waste is collected, sorted and treated to create something new.

Available for our pleated blids.

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MAGNUS fabric

Once a plastic bottle, now privacy and sun protection. Plastic and industrial waste can be recycled to give it a second life, rather than ending up in landfill or the ocean. MAGNUS is produced in a way that is carbon neutral.

Available in two Colorit colours anf for our pleated blids.

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These fabrics are made from at least 80% post-consumer recycled polyester. Depending on the product, three or four recycled 1.5-litre PET bottles go into producing one square metre of this upcycled material. This recycling helps to curb the global pollution being caused by plastic waste and extends the life cycle of the raw materials. Such processing methods lead to really impressive life cycle assessments. They use many times less energy and, in particular, water than for conventional  synthetic fibres, which helps to reduce the environmental footprint.

FELICITY is available in eight and WILLOW in four Colorit colours.

Available for our pleated blinds, roller blinds and panel blinds.

Please note that only the qualities FELICITY and WILLOW are available for roller blinds and panel blinds.

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NEMO fabric

By purchasing products made from SEAQUAL®YARN, you are playing an active part in cleaning up the oceans. The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique global community of NGOs, fishermen, researchers, scientists, authorities and private stakeholders with the common goal of cleaning the world’s rivers, estuaries, beaches and seas. Fishermen and local environmental groups collect marine litter, assisted by private individuals. Once the litter has been converted into SEAQUAL®YARN, the fibres can then be used to make new products. Mixed waste is sorted into different material types, which are then sent down the recycling route that is most appropriate for them. The litter is collected and crushed. The non-specific white chips are then turned into pellets and, finally, into yarn. This special yarn is made from 100% recycled plastic. So, one kilogramme of litter equates to one kilogramme of SEAQUAL®YARN

Our NEMO pleated blind fabric is made from 47% SEAQUAL®YARN.

Available for our pleated blindsroller blinds and panel blinds.

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SEA-TEX® fabric

GreenScreen SEA-TEX® – made from recovered shoreline plastic. 140 million tonnes of plastic waste are currently floating in the world’s oceans, with another 8 million tonnes joining them every year. This is incredibly dangerous both for marine animals and for people. The Waterkeeper Alliance collects plastic waste from shorelines and almost 100% of it is used to make GreenScreen SEA-TEX® yarn. The textile structure and subdued colours underscore the quality and the incredible design of this innovative fabric. GreenScreen SEA-TEX® is halogen- and PVC-free, plus it bears the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® label and is GREENGUARD certified.

Available in three Colorit colours and for our pleated blindsroller blinds and panel blinds.

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The fabrics JAMES, TRISTAN and ZARKO are made of 100% recycled PES, the fabric ELEONOR is made of 50% recycled PES. All 4 fabrics are certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 recycled materials.

Please note that only TRISTAN quality is available for roller blinds and panel blinds.

Available for our pleated blindsroller blinds and panel blinds.

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