Dunkle Plissees mit transparentem Zackenmuster im Wohnzimmer

Made-to-measure pleated blinds

High-quality pleated blinds from MHZ

Green Stories Plissees Primo und Zen im Eingangsbereich an Fenster und Tür Senkrechte Plissees in Rot und Orange in einer Küche Sichtschutz im Badezimmer durch beige Plissees

See our high-quality made-to-measure pleated blinds. Pleated blinds, otherwise known as folding blinds, are particularly popular because they offer a flexible and simple means of controlling the daylight. At the same time, they provide privacy in the room by guarding against prying eyes, while still letting light enter the room. With their different colours, patterns and fabrics, they are also a popular decorative element in living spaces. In addition to being used for privacy protection and decoration, pleated blinds provide excellent glare protection, for example, in a study. Made-to-measure pleated blinds from MHZ with thicker fabrics in dark colours can also be used for a dim-out effect in rooms.

Made-to-measure pleated blinds from MHZ are ideal for windows with special shapes: Triangular windows, round windows, conservatories and patio doors. At MHZ you can also find pleated blinds for skylights. These can be installed on vertical windows and doors without drilling using adhesive beads or clamp brackets. They enhance the rooms visually with different fabrics, transparency levels and colours, while also controlling the light conditions.

Advantages of pleated blinds:

  • Individual and made-to-measure
  • Depending on the fabric, they are used for glare protection, privacy protection or a blackout effect in bedrooms, studies, living rooms and bathrooms
  • Pleated blinds for gluing or clamping make installation possible without drilling
  • Work exceptionally well for special shapes such as triangular windows, round windows, angled windows and skylights
  • Pleated blind fabrics are easy to clean
  • Also suitable for wide windows up to 4 metres thanks to the modern MHZ hardware
  • Available in different fabrics, colours and patterns
  • Can be operated manually or electrically with a motor and are also smart home compatible
  • Can be moved freely within windows and patio doors

Get inspired

Green Stories Plissees Varo und Willow im Wohnbereich

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric VARO (4073) and WILLOW (4797)

MHZ Plissee mit Frühlingswiese-Motiv im Wohnzimmer

MHZ Pleated blinds - Motif MELIKA (4922)

Bunte Plisses in fünf verschiedenen RAL-Farben

MHZ Pleated blinds - RAL colours

helle Plissees im Badezimmer an Dachfenster und Balkontür

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric SCARLETT (4723)

Wohnraum mit cremefarbenen Plissees in Standard- und Sonderform von MHZ

MHZ Pleated blinds in special shape - Fabric CARLOS (4565)

freihängendes Plissee mit Print Waldo im Esszimmer

MHZ Pleated blinds - Motif WALDO (4919)

Plissee mit Blumenmuster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric AURELIA (4744)

Badezimmer mit bodentiefem Fenster und einem Plissee in Aquarelloptik in verschiedenen Blautönen.

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric TILL (4806)

Küche mit breitem länglichen Fenster und roten Plissees

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric VEX (4830)

hellbraunes Plissee Lilit im Wohnbereich

MHZ Pleated blinds - Fabric LILIT (4740)

Uses and functions of pleated blinds

Plissees im Wintergarten - Plafond und senkrecht
Pleated blinds for sun protection

The pleated form deflects the sun's rays shining in through the window, thereby preventing an unnecessary build-up of heat inside the room. This effect can be amplified when combined with external sun protection.

Blendschutz am Arbeitsplatz durch dunkles Plissees an Fenster und Türen
Pleated blinds for glare protection

Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds provide excellent glare protection without noticeably darkening the room due to their delicate, slightly transparent fabric. This is particularly useful in a home office when sunlight shines directly on a computer screen.

helle Plissees im Badezimmer an Dachfenster und Balkontür
Pleated blinds for privacy protection

Would you like to be able to move about freely within your own four walls and be safe from prying eyes without having to darken your home? Our made-to-measure pleated blinds offer you the desired level of privacy: They can be moved individually at the window to block out prying eyes with attractive fabrics and colours.

MHZ Plissees zur Abdunklung im Schlafzimmer
Pleated blinds for a dim-out effect

Opaque pleated blind fabrics in dark colours are an ideal way to darken rooms such as bedrooms or children's rooms. The free-moving pleated blinds with dim-out effect make it possible to vary the light conditions according to the time of day and individual requirements.

freihängendes Plissee mit Print Waldo im Esszimmer

Pleated blind fabrics for decoration

MHZ pleated blinds make great decorative window elements with their various fabrics, colours, patterns and motifs. See our pleated blind collection or the Design Collection for a wide range of designs. All styles and tastes are catered for.

Configure your individual pleated blind now!

Large selection of designs

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv DONNA

Beautiful Nature

DONNA (4913)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ARTAK

Impressive Artwork

ARTAK (4906)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv HANIBAL

Beautiful Nature

HANIBAL (4911)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv ALIZA

Impressive Artwork

ALIZA (4900)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv IRMA

Beautiful Nature

IRMA (4910)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv LIBERTA

Beautiful Nature

LIBERTA (4915)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv SADAKO

Beautiful Nature

SADAKO (4917)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv MELIKA

Beautiful Nature

MELIKA (4921)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv WALDO

Beautiful Nature

WALDO (4919)

 MHZ Plissee Kollektion Motiv WILLOW

Green Stories

WILLOW (4797)

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What is a pleated blind?

Nahaufnahme eines weißen, leicht transparent strukturierten MHZ Plissees

The prominent feature of a pleated blind is its horizontally folding or pleated fabric. The fabric is secured between two aluminium profile sections with tension cords. This popular privacy and sun protection is moved up or down vertically. A pleated blind, depending on its position, provides a wonderful opportunity to experiment with the incoming light, protect your privacy, protect against the sun or simply get the best view through the window.

Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds are high-quality products made by hand. Their modern hardware makes them an excellent and reliable choice for a variety of windows – including skylights or those with special shapes.

The diverse colours, forms and models offer great artistic freedom to enhance or upgrade a room design – from living areas, kitchens or bathrooms to office spaces.

Pleated or honeycomb blinds?

Vergleich des Querschnitts von Plissee und Wabenplissee

Pleated and honeycomb blinds are two types of internal privacy and sun protection, which are popular in many homes. Both have their own properties and advantages:

Pleated blinds or folding blinds are generally made from a length of fabric and have a concertina structure, which can be collapsed/folded together in even pleats. Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds are available in many colours and designs to cater for various styles. They provide a light to medium dim-out effect and are a handy way of keeping prying eyes at bay while also regulating the daylight in your rooms.

Honeycomb blinds have a special honeycomb pattern, which consists of two layers of fabric that are joined together. The layers form small honeycomb chambers that trap air and insulate against hot and cold. As a result, honeycomb blinds provide greater energy efficiency than pleated blinds and can help reduce heating costs. They are also available in various fabric types and colours and offer a light to medium dim-out function.

See MHZ honeycomb blinds

Sustainable pleated blind fabrics

See our selection of 42 sustainable pleated blind fabrics from Green Stories by MHZ. Our Roman blinds are made from up to 100 percent recycled materials, which among other things consist of fabric remnants from the textile industry, discarded PET bottles or plastic waste collected from the beach. These materials are unrecognisable when used to create special pleated blind fabrics with unique patterns and colours.

Types of installation for pleated blinds

A distinction is made with pleated or folding blinds between tensioned pleated blinds and free-hanging pleated blinds.

Tensioned pleated blinds are secured to the window with cords and can be positioned freely. They can be screwed, clamped or glued to the glazing bead or window sash, which allows them to be installed conveniently without drilling, making them suitable for rented homes. You can choose specifically between our adhesive set (which can be removed without a trace), window clips or clamp bracket – our specialist retailers will happily help you find the perfect solution.

Looking for a tensioned, made-to-measure pleated blind that should only ever be half open? To save excess fabric in front of the window, there is the option to order extended pleated blind cords. Just ask our specialist retailer.

Helle Plissees an Fensterfront in einer Küche
Plissees an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer

Free-hanging pleated blinds are installed on the wall or ceiling and hang in front of or in the window recess – leaving the window sash untouched. They work like a roller blind and can be operated conveniently using battery-operated or radio drives, which can be integrated into smart home systems.

Order your desired made-to-measure product conveniently from an MHZ specialist retailer near you. From measuring and installation to fine adjustment: Your specialist retailer will handle all aspects of the system's installation at your home.

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Washable pleated blinds

Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds are easy to clean. To do so, the pleated fabric needs to be removed from the bracket and can then be washed by hand in warm water at 30°C. Next, fold up the fabric bundle and squeeze out any excess water. Reattach to the brackets while damp and closed. Allow them to dry bundled up for at least 12 hours. During drying, open and close the system several times.

Some pleated blind fabrics may only be cleaned with a damp cloth or a soft clothes brush.

See the care instructions for our MHZ pleated blinds for further information. If you are unsure, your specialist retailer will be happy to help.

Download care instructions

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