Blend- und Sichtschutz durch Rollos an den Fenster im Esszimmer

Made-to-measure roller blinds

High-quality roller blinds from MHZ

Rollos mit rosafarbenem Blumenmuster an den Fenstern im Wohnzimmer Cremefarbenes Rollo an Fenster und Türen im Wohnzimmer

MHZ made-to-measure roller blinds are ideal for a blackout effect in interiors. They also act as privacy protection against prying eyes. At the same time, window roller blinds make it more difficult for cold air to enter your home in winter. In summer, the privacy and sun protection provides good insulation at the windows and prevents the interior from being heated up by sunlight. Apart from vertical windows and doors, roller blinds are also ideal for skylights.

MHZ also provides clamp roller blinds, chain operation roller blinds, glazing bead roller blinds, snap-fit or spring roller blinds, double roller blinds or blackout roller blinds with side guide, which can be installed with or without drilling, and oversized roller blinds.

All models in our in-house-developed roller blind product range are 100 percent made in Germany by MHZ.

Advantages of roller blinds:

  • Individual and made-to-measure
  • Used for glare protection, privacy protection, sun protection and insulation in children's rooms, studies/home offices, living rooms or bathrooms
  • Dim-out and blackout function – particularly useful in bedrooms
  • Various types of installation facilitate attachment to window sashes as well, which means that the window can be opened and tilted as usual
  • Simple operation, manual or electric – also smart home compatible
  • Variable translucency of incident sunlightRoller blinds
  • Also for large windows up to four metres wide
  • Suitable for skylights, angled windows and balcony doors
  • Cassette roller blind provides additional dust protection
  • Installation possible without drilling and screwing
  • Large selection of roller blind fabrics from transparent to opaque

Get inspired

Cremefarbenes Rollo im Lineart Stil im Wohnbereich

MHZ Roller blinds - Motif FACES (2344)

Zwei Rollos mit Highlight in Beige im Wohnzimmer

MHZ Roller blinds shaft installation - Motif ARTAK (2088)

Essbereich mit gemusterten Rollos an Fenster und Türen

MHZ Roller blinds - Motif OBITO (1210)

Breite Rollos in cremefarben an Fenster und Türen im Wohnbereich

MHZ Roller blinds - Fabric VIGO (1346)

Abdunkelnde Rollos in Grau in einem Besprechungsraum

MHZ Roller blinds - Fabric JAROS (1198)

Café mit großen Fenstern und gelben Rollos

MHZ Roller blinds - Fabric EXCLUSIVE Uni (3292, 3293, 3294)

Industrial Loft mit großen Sprossenfenstern und cremefarbenen Rollos als Sonnenschutz

MHZ Roller blinds - Fabric SOLTIS TOUCH (2722)

Wohnzimmer in rot gehalten mit passendem gemusterten Rollo

MHZ Roller blinds - Motif IVY (4637)

Uses and functions of roller blinds

Blend- und Sichtschutz im Wohnbereich durch dunkle Rollos
Roller blinds for privacy protection

Protect yourself against prying eyes with made-to-measure MHZ roller blinds and create a pleasant, private space. Ideal for this purpose are bright and more transparent fabrics that shield against outside onlookers while, at the same time, letting light in. Double roller blinds are a great option. With their alternating opaque and transparent fabric strips in the roller blind material, different transparency levels, and therefore the amount of incident sunlight, can be managed individually – with a simple flick of the wrist.

Blendschutz durch Rollos am Arbeitsplatz
Roller blinds for glare and sun protection

Roller blinds are also an excellent choice for offices, living rooms or other rooms with screens due to their subtle adjustment options. Our custom-made products are used for glare protection here in particular. With the large selection of fabrics and profile colours, the roller blind can blend in completely or create an eye-catching feature, depending on your preferences.

Abdinkungsrollo in weiß mit schwarzen Profil in einem rustikalen Schlafzimmer
Roller blinds for a dim-out and blackout effect

See our dim-out and blackout fabrics for MHZ blackout roller blinds: Our dim-out fabrics are ideal for the partial dim-out of rooms, while allowing some light to enter. If you want it to be completely dark and opaque, our blackout fabrics are the perfect choice: They have a complete blackout effect in rooms and do not allow any light in.

Abdunkelnde Rollos in Grau in einem Besprechungsraum
Roller blinds with thermal effect

Made-to-measure roller blinds from MHZ offer an additional advantage by way of insulation. In the winter, thermal made-to-measure roller blinds keep rooms warm, while in summer they prevent heat from entering. This helps you reduce your heating and air conditioning costs and improve the comfort in your home.

MHZ roller blinds for elegant homes

Blend- und Sichtschutz durch Rollos an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ roller blinds impress with their stylish design and high-quality fabrics. The modern hardware offers maximum ease of operation, while the comprehensive selection of quality fabrics and a diverse colour palette entice you to have the roller blind manufactured to the highest design standards. They complement any living area concept and are the best choice for both residential and commercial environments due to their elegant styling. The roller blind material affects the degree of privacy, glare and light protection here and should be selected according to the room and individual requirements. Special fabrics are also suitable for use in damp locations such as kitchens and bathrooms and commercially used areas.

Roller blinds for extra-large windows

Blend- und Sichtschutz im Wohnbereich durch dunkle Rollos

The R_05 model is our specialist for an overall surface area of up to 20 square metres with a maximum 6 m in width and 6 m in height. With its classy radiance and the extra-sturdy support structure, it is the perfect choice for contemporary room concepts in domestic housing, lofts and office buildings. Despite their almost filigree appearance, the aluminium brackets offer the highest level of stability. They fit in inconspicuously with a whole range of different furnishings and provide reliable shading.

For the perfect seat, there is the integrated compensating device, which is a patent-registered MHZ innovation. It prevents the roller blind from sagging and in doing so allows a perfectly straight alignment and completely smooth fabric appearance. The weighted rod prevents any formation of creases, adding to a particularly even material appearance. The exterior weighted rod is also available in five hardware colours and fits in perfectly with the clear styling of the roller blind hardware.

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What is a roller blind?

helles großes Rollo in Nahaufnahme

A roller blind is distinguished by its high-quality fabric that is wound around an aluminium or steel shaft. Winding and unwinding the blind enables the finest adjustment, giving you exquisite options for modulating the light and view. Made-to-measure roller blinds are ideal for custom installation situations.

A rolled down roller blind offers maximum privacy and glare protection. When rolled up, it opens up the window to let daylight in. A cassette roller blind also protects the rolled up blind from dust.

Types of roller blind installation

Different types of installation make it possible to install MHZ made-to-measure roller blinds for different requirements and installation situations.

Roller blinds can be installed in front of or in the window recess, on the wall or ceiling. Where installed in a shaft, the rolled up blind is in the ceiling, creating a particularly minimalist appearance. Window sash installation or glazing bead installation are also possible for our SKIRO roller blind model. For both types of installation, the roller blind is attached directly to the window. The window can also be opened and tilted with the blind rolled down. For installation without drilling and screwing, it is also possible to attach the blind using the MHZ adhesive set.


Wall and ceiling installation

Cassette installation is ideal for those who like straight lines and tidiness. The bracket disappears into the high-quality aluminium cassette. A shading option rich in timeless charm – well-thought-out in terms of functionality and clear in its statement.

Shaft installation adds a touch of understated elegance to interiors for a refined minimalist look. This type of installation is exceptionally unobtrusive, making it ideal for rooms with a focus on design and creating a luxurious home environment.

The bracket mount in a variety of colours is slim yet sturdy and is therefore perfect for living spaces.

an der Wand montiertes Rollo mit silbernen abgerundeten Trägern und grauem Stoff

Model R_04

Roller blind with bracket

blau gemustertes Rollo in weißer Kassette an der Decke montiert

Model R_04

Roller blind in cassette

beiges Rollo in Schachtmontage mit weißer Abdeckung

Model R_03

Roller blind in shaft

an der Decke montierter schwarzer Rollo-Träger mit hellem Stoff

Model R_05

Roller blind with bracket

Rollo mit schwarzer Kassette und Seitenführung mit hellem Stoff in der Fensterniesche

Model R_04

Roller blind with cassette & side guide

Roller blind operation options

MHZ roller blinds can be opened and closed by operating chain, cord or crank as side operation roller blinds. The operating side can be either left or right. Alternatively, we also offer snap-fit and spring roller blinds. Our roller blind models that are clamped in the window frame can be moved by hand using an operating handle. Many of our models can also be conveniently opened and closed electrically by remote control. You can also incorporate your made-to-measure roller blind into your smart home system.


Controlling MHZ roller blinds with smart home

Control your made-to-measure roller blind from MHZ conveniently and from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to open your roller blinds when you want light in the house or close them. In this way, you can protect your inside spaces from the strong midday sun in summer and against cooling down in winter. You can even automate this process. You can also connect your made-to-measure roller blind to other smart home devices, e.g. to automatically close the roller blinds in bright sunlight or when a certain outside temperature is reached. As soon as the direct sunlight stops shining on the window and the temperature drops in the evening, the blind rolls up again. Smart home gives you the option of saving energy and automating processes in summer and winter.

More about smart home

Design & colour diversity

Fancy a new look?

Five evocative themed collections unlock creative freedom for any interior design style while enchanting with simple sophistication and a distinctive textile aesthetic. The high-quality “Exclusive” fabrics, made specially for MHZ, are captivating with their subtly iridescent appearance and are ideal for mixing and matching. Our Green-Stories“-fabrics are innovative and contemporary: They are the best proof that fabrics made from recycled material and beauty can coexist successfully. Special functional fabrics – from antibacterial to sound absorbing, and glare protection to blackout – complete the range.


The five powder-coated hardware colours of silver, white, anthracite grey, anthracite and black on the wide variety of models in the roller blind range complement your personal furnishing style perfectly.

Highlights of the collection

MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv DONNA

Bright Sunset


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv ARTAK

Wooden Styles


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv HARO

Greenery & Oceancy


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv FACES

Pure Essence


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv WALDO

Bright Sunset


Pure Essence


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv TESSA

Greenery & Oceancy


Industrial Grey


Pure Essence


MHZ Rollo Kollektion Motiv IRMA

Bright Sunset


Pure Essence


Auswahl aus 213 Farben


Hardware colours

RAL 9016


RAL 9006


DB 703


RAL 7016

Anthracite grey

RAL 9005


Have you seen our MHZ double roller blinds?

Hellgrau gemusterte Doppelrollos an den Fenster im Wohnbereich

Looking for a roller blind to use mainly for privacy protection that will also create a design focal point? MHZ offers custom-made double roller blinds in unique patterns and various colours. A double roller blind consists of two layers of fabric lengths, which have alternate transparent and opaque strips. The two fabric lengths move against each other and allow the fabric to be positioned in such a way that light can either pass through the transparent strips or be blocked by the opaque strips. This creates opportunities for beautiful light effects.

See also our made-to-measure double roller blinds!

To the double roller blinds

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