Motorised sun protection and smart control systems

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With an integrated radio motor in your privacy and sun protection, all options are open to you: A radio system is the basis for flexibly controlling and networking the individual devices at home. The io-homecontrol® radio system from Somfy is characterised by a very high level of functionality and security thanks to bidirectional communicatio

Expand your automated home technology easily and at any time with Smart Home Ready. Because here, the long-range and secure io radio protocol is already integrated in the motor of the sun shading system. So you can enjoy the convenient control and automation options of the smart home right from the start and decide later how much more networking, comfort and security you would like for yourself.

MHz Grafik von Smart Home ready

With the intuitive TaHoma® control centre, our privacy and sun protection can be easily integrated into the Somfy Smart Home system. Control all integrated components such as blinds, lights and heating either via the app, the TaHoma® Switch or use voice control via Google Home or Amazon Echo.

In addition, individual processes and intelligent conditions can be set up, for example a smart presence simulation that automatically opens and closes your privacy and sun protection during your holiday. With motorised roller shutters and weather sensors, you can easily avoid overheating your rooms in summer and save energy in winter at the same time.

Compatible MHZ products with Somfy

Cremefarbener Raffrollo an breiten Fenster und Türen in Küche und Esszimmer

Roman blinds

Curtain rails

Graue Gelenkarmmarkise am Haus von der Gartensicht


Beschattung des Wintergartens durch Markise von Außen

Shading systems

Graue Jalousien von Außen an einem weißen Gebäude

Exterior venetian blinds

Metallbehänge an Türen und Fenster bei der Terrasse

Metal blinds

TaHoma Box®

The TaHoma® smart home system allows you to create up to 40 individual scenarios. For example, you can programme your personal "Leaving" scenario, which automatically ensures that the alarm system is switched on and all lights in the house are switched off when you leave the house.

While you are away, you can also use TaHoma® to run your shutters and lights independently to keep potential burglars away.

A total of up to 200 products from Somfy partners can be taught into a TaHoma® box.

Blendschutz am Arbeitsplatz durch cremefarbener Lamellenvorhang

Vertical blinds

Fenstermarkise zip_2.0 als Sicht- und Blendschutz im Wohnbereich

Window swnings

Sonnenschutz durch außenliegende Metallbehänge als Rollladenalternative

Metal blinds

Honeycomb binds

Beschattung des Wintergartens durch Markise von Außen

Shading systems

Blendschutz im Wohnzimmer durch Jalousien am Fenster

Venetian blinds

Control variants


You can control your networked shading systems conveniently from anywhere via your smartphone. All you need is the TaHoma® app. Of course, the app can also be used via your tablet.

TaHoma®-App von Somfy
TaHoma® Switch

With the TaHoma® Switch, you can select your personal scenarios at the touch of a button, thanks to the two individually assignable scenario buttons. Of course, you can still control your networked devices manually via the Somfy window controls.

TaHoma Box Switch von Somfy
Voice control

The TaHoma® smart home control panel is also compatible with Amazon and Google voice assistants. So you can easily control your automated shading systems via voice control.

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