Made-to-measure side awnings

Pull-out side awnings from MHZ

Sichtschutz auf der Terrasse durch die Seitemarkise Soleo

Pull-out side awnings offer ultimate privacy on balconies, on patios and in gardens, while protecting you from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by. Side awnings simultaneously provide sun protection and wind protection. Given that they are manufactured to your individual measurements, side awnings fit perfectly into the desired location.

Benefits of the MHZ SOLEO side awning

  • Individually custom-made
  • High-quality privacy protection, sun protection and wind protection
  • Large range of colours for awning fabrics
  • Can be combined perfectly with MHZ awnings

Uses and functions of side awnings

Side awnings provide privacy protection

Pull-out side awnings can be used to create a private dining area on your patio, screen a sun lounger in your garden or even cover the area around your hot tub. Protect yourself from the prying eyes of neighbours or passers-by.

Side awnings provide sun protection

Side awnings are ideal for blocking out sunlight. When the sun is particularly low in the sky, they shield against its rays and allow for relaxing evenings on your patio, on your balcony or in your garden. When combined with the matching awning, pull-out side awnings provide maximum protection from the sun.

Side awnings provide wind protection

Pull-out side awnings from MHZ also provide wind protection, reliably keeping out gusts. Relax in the pleasant breeze on your patio or balcony. Just make sure you retract the side awning in the event of bad weather or a strong storm to prevent damage.

Side awnings as decorative elements for outdoor living

Side awnings can also be used as decorative elements to enhance the appearance of your outdoor spaces, lending them a stylish and modern look.

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Gelbe Seitenmarkise als Sichtschutz auf der Terrasse

MHZ Side awnings - SOLEO

MHZ Side awnings - SOLEO

Gelbe Seitenmarkise als Sichtschutz auf der Terrasse

MHZ Side awnings - SOLEO

Sichtschutz auf der Terrasse durch die Seitemarkise Soleo

MHZ Side awnings - SOLEO

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What is a side awning?

Cremefarbene Seitenmarkise als Sichtschutz

The vertical awnings are attached to the side of a house facade or balcony with a post. If you are seeking privacy protection or sun protection, simply pull the side awning across. The awning fabric is attached to the wall or floor with a locking mechanism. If the side awning is no longer needed, the handle on the roll-up mechanism can be used to roll up the awning and return it to its holder. The awning fabric is rolled up in an awning cassette, protecting it from external weather influences.

Order side awnings – installed by professionals

Get tailored advice on your pull-out side awning from one of our many specialist retailers in your area. From taking measurements and selecting awning fabrics to ordering and installing the side awning – our MHZ specialist retailers will take care of all the plans and bring your dream side awning to life.

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