Smart, easy light control

The innovative PowerView® smart home system controls your sun protection system at the click of a button - by remote control, from an App, when you are at home or away. This system works across product categories and allows you to control your intelligent sun protection system throughout the house.

PowerView®- Generation 3

PowerView® Generation 3 makes it easy to get started with the smart home. App-controlled teach-in on the smartphone is very simple via Bluetooth 5.0 and selected MHZ products such as blinds and slatted blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds and honeycomb pleated blinds can now be controlled directly via the smartphone without a gateway (HUB).

The components

PowerView® App

Using the free PowerView® app, the sunshade system can be controlled via smart phone or tablet. The RemoteConnect function enables the customer to operate it while on the move.

Download PowerView App®

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Pebble® remote control and wall bracket

The clearly arranged 6-channel Pebble® remote control represents the heart of the PowerView® system. Damit sind Sonnenschutz-Anlagen einzelnen, in Gruppen und im ganzen Raum bedienbar. Pro Kanal lassen sich beliebig viele Anlagen anlernen. It can be used to operate sunshade systems individually, in groups and in the entire room. Any number of systems can be paired to each channel.

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PowerView® hub

The hub is the central control point of the system. It connects to the WiFi router in the house, saves personal settings and wirelessly activates bespoke schedules.

Colours that thrill

The chic PowerView Pebbles® facilitate a wide array of colour combinations

The Pebble® is a remote radio control unit with six channels. Favourite positions can be set and its outstanding design makes it a delight to hold. Available in ten modern colours. The operating unit is also available as a wall switch.

Remote control

Wall bracket

The right option for everyone

Decide to what extent you want your house to run itself.

Be you are a beginner, expert or professional user in the smart home field, the modular PowerView® operating concept leaves you free to choose at any time, whether you initially control things via hand-held remote control and later opt for a smart home application. Or you can dive straight into the connected world with a full array of equipment. For example, a hub, scenario controller and control via the app.


  • Sun shade at the press of a button
  • Wireless battery operation
  • Designer remote control unit
  • Programming of scenarios and time schedules, plus easy control from the app or scenario controller
  • Network coverage in the house via repeater
  • Complete with control from on the road
  • Integration and interfacing with various different smart home technologies

Suitable for multiple products

PowerView® is available for MHZ Venetian, vertical, roller, pleated and honeycomb pleat blinds. We will make your ideal product to measure based on your bespoke requirements. In order to match your blind to your fixtures and fittings, choose from our wide range of materials, colours and textures.


System requirements

To control your MHZ product PowerView® accesses the PowerView® hub Internet interface.


  • Internet access with flat-rate data tariff (all-in tariff regardless of time or data volume)
  • Smart phones with Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems (for the precise version, please refer to the respective store)
  • PowerView® hub
Brief user guide

Download the brief ‘Teach me!’ guide for the respective product:

Pleated blinds:                                                                               

PDF Anleitung                                                           

Roller blinds: 

 PDF Anleitung 

Vertical blinds:  

PDF Anleitung

venetian blinds:

PDF Anleitung




What are the minimum requirements that have to be met for PowerView®

In order to be able to use PowerView®, you need a compatible smart phone or tablet (iOS 8 / Android version 4 or higher), stable Internet access and a free LAN port on your Internet router.

Is it possible to use PowerView® offline as well?

Within your private WLAN it is indeed possible to use the system without Internet access. It is only when setting up the PowerView hub that you need an Internet connection in order to register the device.

Waht is the range of the PowerView® hub?

Its range, like that of the router's WLAN signal, is approximately 30 metres inside a building and 100 metres outside. This may vary due to local factors. The PowerView hub should therefore be positioned as centrally as possible within households.

Are the wireless connection dangerous?

No. Firstly, the devices communicate with each other only when triggering an action, e.g. "Lower blind". Secondly, our components transmit at a level of c. 10 mW. By comparison: a mobile telephone in poor reception conditions frequently transmits at a level of 2 W, i.e. 200 times more power output.

How does PowerView® handle data protection?

Personal data is stored only on the PowerView hub. The only time that any parts of the data are forwarded is if you are operating the system via smart phone outside of your WLAN range. In that case the data is encrypted. In both instances, however, only with your consent.