MHZ Hafttextil SQUID an den Fenster im Büro

Custom window film – SQUID® adhesive fabric

High-quality adhesive fabric from MHZ

Hafttextil Squid als Sichtschutz an den Fenster im Wohnzimmer Hafttextil Squid als Sichtschutz im Eingangsbereich

The self-adhesive textile window film SQUID® adhesive fabric, also called privacy film, protects your interiors from prying eyes from outside and at the same time lets daylight into your rooms. Whether it is window surfaces or glass doors, your glass surfaces are also protected by the SQUID® adhesive fabric. The adhesive fabric has a similar effect as a frosted glass film or a frosted glass window. No matter what shape or size, it can be fitted in any vertical window. The customised, self-adhesive textile window film is ideal for use in residential rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms, but also in commercial spaces such as offices, doctors’ surgeries and many more.

The textile, translucent privacy film SQUID® is available in six stylish colours from white to beige and grey to black. In Chalk (white), the adhesive fabric can even be printed with all motifs from the Design Collection, in over 200 RAL colours as well as with custom patterns and motifs.

Product benefits of SQUID® adhesive fabric

  • Precisely fitting sun protection and privacy protection for windows in special shapes, such as triangular windows, round windows, curved windows and much more
  • Self-adhesive textile fabric
  • Translucent
  • Sophisticated look
  • Versatile use
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Easy to attach without drilling, screwing or gluing

Get inspired

Sichtschutz im Kinderzimmer durch die Hafttextile Squid

Window film - Colour Chalk

Hafttextil Squid an den Fenster in der Küche als Sichtschutz

Window film - Colour Coal

Hafttextil Squid an den Fenster im Dachgeschoss als Sonderform

Window film - Colour Chalk

MHZ Hafttextil SQUID an den Fenster im Wohnbereich

Window film - Colour Oak

Sichtschutz an der Duschkabine mit dem Hafttextil Squid

Window film - Colour Bone

Window film - Colour Ash

Hafttextil squid als Sichtschutz am Arbeitsplatz

Window film - Colour Bone

Uses and functions of SQUID®

SQUID® as a sun protection film

SQUID® retains a large proportion of the sun’s heat and is therefore an ideal sun protection solution for windows. Because it is an open, breathable fabric, it can be used with HR++(+) glass or high-performance glass, unlike plastic window films.*

SQUID® as a privacy protection film

SQUID® adhesive fabric is a transparent textile that allows you to see out, but stops people outside from looking in easily during the day. The fabric lets enough daylight into your rooms to create a homely ambience. SQUID® can also be fitted to interior glass surfaces such as on shower enclosures or other (interior) glass partitions to provide more privacy.

Sichtschutz durch Hafttextil Squid im Essbereich

Adhesive fabric colours and design

Choose from six stylish colours to match the SQUID® adhesive fabric perfectly to your interior.




Chalk is the ideal choice for a minimalist interior style due to its understated, sleek and modern appearance.


Bone blends perfectly in lighter rooms and accentuates your subtle interior style.


Oak is inspired by nature and is particularly effective in combination with natural materials for a rustic atmosphere.


Ash is the right choice for rooms designed in concrete colours, which have more of an industrial look.


Rock has a robust structure and complements darker rooms in particular.


Coal, as the darkest colour, offers optimum privacy protection, yet allows you to maintain visual contact with the adjoining room at the same time.

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What is a window film or an adhesive fabric?

Window film for privacy protection is applied to window surfaces without any fixtures or fittings and has a textile design that adds to its appeal. The SQUID® textile is self-adhesive and can be cut to size, making it the perfect choice for all interior vertical windows and windows in special shapes. The textile window film can be cut to any size you like.

Other names for an adhesive fabric could be: privacy film, sun protection film, adhesive film, glass film or window film. This is not a mirror film.

Application of the custom window film

MHZ Hafttextil SQUID Montage

The self-adhesive textile window film SQUID® is quickly and easily applied directly to the glass – without drilling, screwing or gluing. No major tools are required, which makes the installation free of noise and dust. SQUID® as a custom-made product can only be fitted to vertical windows.

Thanks to a special adhesive and a mould-repellent coating, the textile glass film can also be used in bathrooms and other damp locations.

SQUID® is heat-resistant up to 60°C and meets statutory fire resistance standards (M1/B1). It can therefore also be used in rooms with strict fire protection regulations.

Even more possibilities thanks to digital printing

Prefer a more colourful look? Using the colour Chalk (white) as a base, you can let your creativity run wild. Choose either one of the 20 motifs from our Design Collection, one of over 200 RAL plain colours or have your very own design printed on the adhesive fabric exactly as you want it.

For a very special effect, our roller blinds, panel blinds and vertical blinds, as well as other materials such as wallpaper, glass, wood, acrylic and aluminium, can also be printed with custom motifs. So you can bring your own individual interior design concepts to life.

Removing the custom window film

The adhesive fabric can be removed without leaving any permanent marks behind. Some adhesive residue may be left on the window, but this can be easily washed off. If you have problems removing the textile film, your MHZ specialist retailer will be happy to help you.

Easy to clean

The SQUID® adhesive fabric can simply be dusted with a microfibre cloth or carefully vacuumed. Cleaning with aggressive chemicals should be avoided, as this can impair the adhesive properties.

*This colour is only suitable for glazing that is completely inside (e.g. partition wall glazing), and not for outside windows.


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