MHZ fly screen

No chance for insects or pollen

Clever engineering and added quality and convenience are key features of every MHZ insect screen product. Made-to-measure tensioning frames, swing and side-hinged frames for windows and doors, sliding systems, pleated doors and roller blinds can be fitted in minutes.

Practically invisible, the insect screen systems effectively protect windows, doors and light wells from uninvited guests - fitting perfectly like a second skin.

The robust aluminium profiles merge inconspicuously into the overall appearance. They guarantee that windows, doors and roller shutters can be operated unimpaired. MHZ insect screens can be flexibly fitted and are easy to clean. At the same time they fulfil high standards of security.

Using a wide selection of insect screen and special fabrics from Neher Technology, MHZ satisfies a range of different demands. For example with the Polltec®  fabric you keep both insects and pollen out of your rooms.

Insect screen product benefits

  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Quality living
  • Wide range of products
  • Different fabrics
  • Pollen protection for allergy sufferers
  • Mounted without drilling or screws
  • Fitted without any gaps


MHZ insect screens are suitable for vertical windows, swing and sliding doors and skylights. Robust covers for light wells protect your basement shafts from unwelcome visitors.

In contrast to the fixed tensioning frames, the movable insect screen can be operated either manually or electrically.

The MHZ insect screen tensioning frames are easy to fit. If necessary, they can simply be hooked into the window. Sprung stainless steel angled lugs and an integrated safeguard to stop the frame coming out make it an easy job. Sliding, roller, pleated and swing systems can also be fitted quickly and easily.

In addition to the tried and tested woven fibreglass material various other special woven fabrics are also used: whether it be super-fine Transpatec®, mesh guards against electromagnetic pollution, cat flap or stainless steel mesh – we will kit you out for your particular needs. Polltec® is a mesh that lets air through but keeps out up to 99 percent of troublesome pollen and protects allergy sufferers to the greatest extent possible.

Protection from insects all year round

New product

Pleated insect screens for doors

Reliable insect screening increases home living quality and the feeling of well-being all year round. MHZ has therefore extended its product offering and incorporated the PL2 pleated screens for doors into its insect screen range.

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