Low sun?

How to shade your patio properly!

As soon as spring arrives, we are drawn outside. We love the sun's warmth and spend as much time as possible on the patio or balcony. Effective sun protection is essential. However, shading is particularly challenging in the morning and evening hours due to the sun's low position. Learn how to make the most of your outdoor space with special vertical sun protection.

We've all been there! We're enjoying a lovely afternoon on the patio, well protected by an awning or parasol when suddenly it becomes unbearably hot. The sun has lowered in the sky, meaning the evening light now falls below the shade and blinds us. Annoying, but no reason to run indoors! With the correct vertical sun protection, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying a cosy morning or a relaxing evening on the patio despite the low sun. But what vertical shading options are available? And which is the right one?

The key question is: Where is your outdoor space?

To find the perfect sun protection, first consider which direction your outdoor seating area faces.

  • Is your patio or balcony east or west-facing? If so, you need to block the low sun from the front, for example, using an art_02 with VERTIMA, an awning featuring an integrated vertical roller blind.
  • If your outdoor space faces south, the morning or evening sun will shine in from the side. This means that you should protect your seating area from the side.

There are various vertical sun shading options available depending on the direction your space faces. Below are some products that you can use to shade your patio when the sun is low in the sky.

Sun protection for frontal shading

art_02 with VERTIMA cassette awning - coming soon

In the classic version, the art_02 retractable awning is the ideal horizontal sun protection for large outdoor areas. It provides shade for patios up to 7 metres in width and 4 metres in depth, and has an elegant, minimalist, yet slimline appearance.

Since spring 2024, the art_02 cassette awning has been available in combination with the VERTIMA vertical roller blind. This product variant has been specially designed for patios that need to be shaded from the front when the sun is low in the sky. The valance is integrated into the front part of the cassette. If the sun is blinding or you need more privacy protection, simply extend the fabric roller blind vertically to the desired height using a crank or radio drive. This means you can enjoy even more quality time in the garden or on the balcony in pleasant light and temperature conditions – whether for Sunday breakfast or a barbecue.

Like all MHZ products, the art_02 with VERTIMA is custom-made to measure for each customer. The wide range of colours and fabrics available means that the awning and roller blind fabric can be matched to create a harmonious look. Different transparency levels allow customised light modulation. The technical elements can be configured in four colours, or any other RAL colour on special request. Coupled systems up to 14 metres in width are also possible. This option may be especially appealing for commercial construction.

Lateral sun protection for patios, balconies and gardens

Retractable side awnings

A side awning is an excellent way of blocking the low sun's rays. The awning fabric is concealed and protected when rolled up in the slim, upright cassette. When you want side privacy or sun protection, simply pull out the fabric awning and use the locking mechanism to secure it in place. The result is a dining or lounge area that is protected from prying eyes and allows you to relax undisturbed. The robust construction of the side awning also means it can withstand wind and moderate gusts.

The clean, contemporary look of our side awning adds aesthetic value to any outdoor space. Choose from a wide range of fabrics in many tasteful colours

Our tip: Subtle tone-on-tone compositions are particularly timeless and elegant. You can always update the look of your outdoor oasis with colourful seat cushions and small decorative accessories.

Sichtschutzfächer auf der Seite vom Balkon

Folding balcony privacy screens

Privacy screens are a versatile solution for anyone who values high-quality privacy and sun protection and wants to make the most of their outdoor space. When the sun is low in the sky, the space-saving textile screens provide privacy while protecting your balcony from heat and glare.

The sturdy metal frame of the TERRAZZO privacy screen is covered with a weather-resistant, generally opaque fabric. The fan-shaped sections can be folded out to the desired width as required and used as side wind protection. The bespoke privacy screen can be installed on the balcony railing or directly on the facade. Balcony screens can also be combined with a parasol or awning to ensure reliable all-round sun protection.

Exclusive sun protection for your pergola: zip_2.0 and zip 6 vertical awnings

Both the zip_2.0 and the zip 6 were primarily designed as textile sun protection solutions for large window areas. However, both models are also gaining popularity as side sun protection for pergolas on patios or balconies. No wonder: The zip vertical awnings have numerous benefits in terms of functionality and appearance. Their cube-shaped design is simple and understated yet exudes high quality and exclusivity.

The zip 6 can shade areas up to 6 metres in width and 3.50 metres in height, with a cassette size of just 110 millimetres. Incidentally, MHZ received the bronze R + T Innovation Award 2024 for the integrated compensating device, which stabilises the awning tube, ensures a straight fit and enables a consistent, crease-free fabric appearance.


Even when the sun is low, patios, balconies and pergolas can be effectively and aesthetically shaded. The choice of sun protection system is mostly determined by whether you want to block light from the front or side. Which product you choose is ultimately a matter of personal preference and local conditions.

Be it a vertical roller blind, side awning or privacy screen – combined with our art_02 cassette awning, you are perfectly prepared for the summer and can enjoy complete sun protection at any time of day!

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