MHZ pleated blinds

Diversely emphasising the essentials

A pleated blind is the name given to a horizontally folded (= pleated) length of fabric that is secured between two profiles and to tension cords. When shut, the pleated blinds provide you with privacy screening, sunshade and a fascinating pattern of pleats. The light that gets through them takes on a soft hue. When opened, the pleated blind units merge inconspicuously into their surroundings.

Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds are suited to a range of different demands and situations. Their flexible hardware adapts to most window shapes and can be used in any style of architecture. Privacy screening and sunshade for skylights and windows of special shapes are challenges that the pleated blinds cleverly solve.

With their great diversity of colour, shape and model, the pleated blinds give you great freedom for the bespoke design you want - in the living room, kitchen and bathroom as well as in offices and commercial premises.

Pleated blind product benefits

  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Ideal for special shapes
  • Infinitely variable positioning
  • Soft incoming light
  • Can be used in many diverse ways
  • Simple operation, electrically or manually
  • Installation without drilling or screws
  • Maxi profile and compensation mechanism for blinds over 120 centimetres


For rectangular windows and doors, skylights and windows in special shapes: pleated blinds offer you functional, textile privacy screening and sunshade. The pleated blinds are also ideal for use in humid areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, in bedrooms and as ceiling blinds in conservatories.

MHZ pleated blinds can be operated manually or electrically. For the braced blinds you can choose between operating them by plastic or aluminium grip. You operate the free-hanging pleated blinds by chain or cord or even more easily with a mains- or battery-powered motor.

Pull chain

Lift and lower via operating chain. Blind fabric secured automatically. Operating side optionally left or right.

Pull cord

Lift and lower with a pull cord, secured in position via the cord brake. Operating side optionally left or right.

Mains- or battery-powered drive

Raise and lower by means of 24V electric drive or 12V radio-controlled drive. Various control options including lock switch, radio remote control, timer and light sensor.


Raise and lower by means of 18 V electric drive or 18 V radio-controlled drive. Various control options including remote control, wall bracket or app.


Dependent upon model, the blind can be fitted to the wall or ceiling above the window. A range of different systems, such as the clamp brackets and glazing bead brackets, enable installation in the glazing bead itself.

Using the MHZ adhesive set or window clip, the pleated blinds can be fitted without any drilling or screws.

Wall or ceiling mounting

Glazing bead installation

Window sash installation

Installation using adhesive set

For the pleated blinds we let ourselves be inspired by the trends of urbanity and nature. With this collection we have put our faith in textile sophistication. Ordered by colour schemes, you will find in it a large selection of unique fabrics, flamboyant patterns and surprising textures – each in varying levels of transparency.

We also have comprehensive solutions for your special demands. We offer Trevira CS and also woven materials that are coated with Perlex or aluminium or are metallised. Some fabrics are flame-retardant or have been anti-bacterially treated, others black out light or are suited to use in rooms with computer workstations or to damp locations.

All textiles for our pleated blinds are made in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. Most are certified with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

NEW: In January 2019, the collection was expanded with 90 high-quality fabrics featuring contemporary textures and the latest colours in even finer shade gradations.


Five selected motifs from the Design-Collection and a colour range of 213 RAL solid colours are available for pleated blinds. By its diversity of patterns, wide range of colours and flexible combination options offers the Design-Collection inspiration and creative design freedom.

As individual as your life


The multitude of patterns in the new Design-Collection and its technical flexibility make it the ideal solution for an almost infinite spectrum of interior settings. Perfect for customers who are looking for something out of the ordinary and want to give their home a truly individual touch. 

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Smart Home


The innovative PowerView® smart home system controls your sun protection system at the click of a button - by remote control, from an App, when you are at home or away. This system works across product categories and allows you to control your intelligent sun protection system throughout the house.

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Ideal for rented apartments

Mounting without drilling and screwing

In a rented apartment drilling or screwing into the window frames is often not allowed. Can a braced pleated blind nevertheless be installed?

The MHZ adhesive set, MHZ window clips and MHZ clamp brackets enable pleated blinds to be fitted without drilling or screws.

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Up to a width of 180 centimetres

Pleated blinds for large windows

At over 120 centimetres your windows are supposedly too big for taut pleated blinds, are they?

With the MHZ Maxi profile and compensation mechanism it's no problem!

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Pleated blinds for added living space atmosphere

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