Carmen-Würth-Forum, Künzelsau-Gaisbach

s_enn systems

Metallbehang s_enn am Carmen-Würth-Forum in Künzelsau

Project description

The Carmen-Würth-Forum Culture and Congress Center is located south of Künzelsau. The building of the Screw Manufacturer Reinhold Würth was completed in 2006.

As a culture and congress center, the building offers a music hall with 600 seats and an event center that accommodates 2,500 visitors. Up to 10,000 spectators can come together on the adjacent open-air area. The bright, spacious foyer, the large glass fronts and the picturesque location on an open meadow landscape give the Carmen-Würth-Forum space and vision.

Here, too, the aesthetic and wind-stable metal blinds s_enn were installed. Around 60 stainless steel blinds emphasize the clear shapes of the building with their filigree construction. The generous transparency allows sufficient light into the bright building - with an optimal view to the outside. At the same time, the high-quality and sustainable metal blinds are also an optimal sun protection, which prevents the inside of the event room from heating up too much.

Metallbehang s_enn am Carmen-Würth-Forum in Künzelsau
Metallbehang s_enn am Carmen-Würth-Forum in Künzelsau

Project scope

42 s_enn-systems


David Chipperfield Architects Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin


Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG