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Gegenzuganlage k_oax am Flughafen in Hamburg

Project description

The aim was to create pleasant, glare-free conditions at computer workstations and to maintain extraction of smoke and heat. The CM designers developed for the smoke and heat extractor flaps small, coaxial counter pull units with a covering made of a sunshade weave.

As two of the seven skylight runs are on the north edge of the hall, only the remaining five had to be fitted out with a total of 160 mini units.For the skylight runs themselves CM designed 114 coaxial counter pull units. Measuring on average nine square metres, they are significantly larger and fitted with the same special woven fabric as the anti-glare blinds in the flaps. All units are controlled by sun sensors, which are connected to Terminal 2’s existing building services system.

Two units with an area of 143 by 69.5 centimetres were fitted into each of the flaps using a special frame. The anti-glare blind can thus be moved with the flaps whenever quick extraction of smoke and heat is needed.

After the work was completed in November 2010, it was above all the airline employees who profited from the new anti-glare system. The monitors on the ticketing and check-in counters are no longer exposed to direct sunlight, so that passenger information and booking forms can be seen more easily. Another group also benefit from the improved lighting conditions: the numerous business travellers checking e-mails prior to departure via smartphones and notebooks – in a glare-free environment.

Gegenzuganlage k_oax am Flughafen in Hamburg
Gegenzuganlage k_oax am Flughafen in Hamburg
Gegenzuganlage k_oax am Flughafen in Hamburg

Project scope

  • Total area c. 1.560 m² internal anti-glare units
  • 118 coaxial counter pull units in skylight runs as fixed glazing, horizontally movable
  • 160 anti-glare roller blinds split twofold in frames for smoke and heat extractor flap, horizontally movable
  • 47 vertical internal anti-glare units on T2 east façade and plaza, cable-operated vertical units



Lüthje Soetbeer Architektur, Hamburg


Airport Hamburg GmbH