[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer

HOMESTORY: Textile window foil as privacy screen for the bathroom window

Visiting the bathroom of Nadine and Christoph from the Instagram channel @wood_n_home

Windows in the bathroom - we like! Curious glances from the neighbours - rather less... Nadine and Christoph faced this challenge when planning and realising their bathroom. In the end, they decided on the SQUID® adhesive textile so that they didn't have to choose between daylight and a view of the outside.


Before vs. after

Daylight - Must-Have for bathroom design

In beautiful Bavaria, Nadine and Christoph made their dream of an own home come ture. They planned, designed and realised a great deal of the solid wood house by themselves. Particularly important in the bathroom design - a bathtub and lots of daylight.

Das Problem: Mehr Privatsphäre im Badezimmer

Thanks to the two large windows, the room appears bright and flooded with light. The only drawback: the floor-to-ceiling window facing the street meant there was a lack of privacy and the thought of a relaxing bath remained just that - a thought.

The solution: SQUID® adhesive textile

The two wanted a privacy screen that was as minimalist as possible and came across our SQUID® adhesive textile. In contrast to classic privacy films or window films, SQUID® is a self-adhesive fabric with a textile character. This was the decisive point for both of them and the perfect middle ground between film and curtain. The transparent fabric provides a view during the day and at the same time strongly impairs the view from the outside to the inside. For privacy protection at night, they also use their external blinds.

"We can see outwards, but looking inwards from the outside is almost impossible!"

— Nadine

Further benefits for Nadine: the choice of different colour shades - matching the bathroom design as well as the uncomplicated installation:


"The best thing is the easy installation without drilling. The MHZ dealer attaches the adhesive textile to the window quickly and without mess."

— Christoph

[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer
[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer
[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer
[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer
[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer
[Translate to English:] Hafttextil der Kooperation im Badezimmer


Please understand that we cannot make a recommendation for a particular product or fabric without knowing the exact installation situation or the conditions on site. Please contact one of our professional dealers for detailed advice and selection based on the collections.

Adhesive textile SQUID® at a glance:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Cut to size
  • Iideal for special shapes
  • Easy to attach without drilling, screws or mounting systems
  • Suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens
  • Special adhesive coating, antibacterial and flame retardant, B1 and M1 certified
  • Available in six different colours
  • Optional: can be individually printed with your own motif


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Individually printable wallpaper as an eye-catcher

The freestanding bathtub in Nadine and Christoph's bathroom is especially set in scene with the photo wallpaper. By the way, we don't just offer individually printable sunshades - we also offer individually printed wallpaper, acrylic, glass, aluminium composite and stick plywood panels.

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