External systems

Metal blindsmicro-slat


Stainless steel micro-​slats provide sun protection The basic idea of the s_enn metal blind fits on one sheet of paper: it should simply be better. We developed its core component – its slat – in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg. As a result, s_enn reduces the building's energy consumption to the optimum degree. Meanwhile visual contact with the outside world is maintained by the blind's high level of transparency. With the s_enn metal blind, what we have been able to create is a classic product: a high level of wind stability and timeless appearance are its stand-​​out features. Let minimalist aesthetics and utmost precision in stainless steel thrill you!


Aluminium micro-​slats provide sun protection s_enro is the latest product from our range of metal blinds, with which we have successfully been active on the market for around fifteen years. It features delicately ornate construction and modest installation dimensions. That is thanks to the small winding diameter and the roll-​​formed aluminium slats, which produce a precise, homogeneous surface. With its high level of transparency, s_enro provides the interior rooms perfectly with daylight and enables you to look out. A range of different colour variants round off the appearance in keeping with the building.


Aluminium micro-​slats provide roller shutter function and sun protection With its modern form, s_onro combines blind and roller shutter function in fascinating fashion. At a pitch of 20 degrees and above the aluminium blind shields the interior from direct incoming sunlight. The unique construction enables transparent privacy screening and sunshade and also lets the room be blacked out. The amount of incoming light can be individually determined by opening and closing the blind. With its high level of transparency, s_onro ensures sufficient light inside and the ability to see outside.

Window or facade awnings

ZIP shades with gliders

zip_2.0 shade for sun and glare protection suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with a two-​part cassette, rectangular shape, with side guide rails made of extruded aluminium, fabric has gliders welded onto the sides, which run in side guide rails, drop rail type M, wind resistance class 6, drop rail type S, wind resistance class 3

Vertical awnings

c_ubus vertical awning with guide rail or cord guide, suitable for installation in an existing shaft for an exterior venetian blind, AKZENT vertical awning with cord or rod guide, optionally for floor mounting or recess installation, TECHNO vertical awning made of stainless steel with cord or rod guide, LOGGIA vertical awning, VERTICA vertical awning with weighted tube

SOLIX lightweight exterior roller blind

Simple installation without the need for structural work or scaffolding, thanks to the angle profile frame on all sides, the SOLIX lightweight exterior roller blind can be inserted into the window opening quickly from the inside, secured in position using specially designed locks, no damage to windows or facades

Cassette roller blinds

CASE cassette roller blind for glare and sun protection suitable for outdoor use, with one-​part aluminium covering, 3 cassette sizes (53, 70 and 95 mm) in a rectangular shape, with a rear cover on request, cord guide rails or guide rails made of extruded aluminium, fabric tube made of aluminium

Drop-​arm awnings

Drop arms made of extruded aluminium, joints made of cast aluminium or drop arms made of stainless steel, drop-​arm joints made of matt chrome-​plated cast aluminium, max. aperture angle 130°, drop bar/weighted tube made of extruded aluminium, with groove for fixing the fabric, drop-​arm bracket for wall and recess installation (floor mounting not possible)

Facade awnings

Guide rod assembly made of aluminium or stainless steel, drop-​arm joints made of cast aluminium or matt chrome-​plated cast aluminium, weighted tube made of extruded aluminium, with groove for fixing the fabric, built-​in torque limit stop

k_oax counter-pull systems

  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Two-axle system (coaxial) with counter-pull for optimum fabric tension
  • Systems fitted horizontally, vertically or at an angle
  • Efficient glare protection for extraordinary glass architecture
  • Side guides and end rail make complete black-out possible
  • Blind position can be finely adjusted
  • Large selection of colours and different textures within the range
  • Hardware in RAL colours possible

Exterior Venetian blinds

  • Exterior venetian blinds with slats made of stove-enamelled aluminium to provide sun and weather protection, as well as a blackout effect
  • Lowering with slats in closed position, lifting in horizontal position, customisable slat inclination
  • With crank operation, electric drive or as a coupled system without a drive
  • Sound absorbed by a contoured insulating lip

Retractable awing

  • MHZ art_02 provides large external surfaces with just two joint arms and brackets at a size of 7 x 4 metres
  • Retractable awnings in a closed design with a self-supporting aluminium tube (cassette awnings), with an aluminium tube and C-shaped drop bar (tube awnings) or with a rectangular carrier bar, side bearings and a round drop bar (carrier bar awnings)
  • All visible aluminium parts are powder-coated. Standard colours or RAL special colours as an option
  • Installation on wall, ceiling or rafters (accessories)


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Horizontal/angled shading

  • Interior shading as a counter-pull or gravity system for horizontal and angled glass surfaces
  • Installation underneath or between the assembly, side guiding using guide rails
  • Wall, ceiling or recess installation, side guiding of the tension profile using stainless steel hoist cords
  • Operation via a pull cord, crank or electric drive