We accompany you

Together from design to construction completion

1. Together

We support you and your building project from the start. Together we match your aspirations in terms of design, shape and size with what is technically possible. From this we produce a basic concept for your privacy, glare and sun protection.

2. Planned

We do the preparatory work: we take the concept that has been developed and describe it for you in system or installation drawings. These already contain important dimensions, dependencies and details relevant to your project.

3. Transparent

For a perfect result cost transparency is an important criterion. If desired, we will produce a cost estimate for you that can be incorporated into your overall budget.

4. Focussed on service

Providing you with technical specifications is naturally part of our service. Dependent upon your requirements, you receive these in standardised or project-​related form.

5. Reliability

Reliable project management extends beyond the planning process: we provide our client with intensive support throughout the building stage. We ensure on site that our services run as smoothly as possible.

6. Ongoing

If desired, we will inspect and maintain the fitted products. In this way we ensure that your systems fulfil their function beyond the warranty period as well and that they hold their value.

Benefit from working with MHZ

MHZ Architektenbereich

Innovative products

So that your sun protection always impresses with modern looks and economic efficiency, we continuously work with our designers on further enhancing our hardware.

Tailor-made sun protection

We make every one of your systems on a perfectly fitting, customised basis, tailored to your project and aspirations.

Special shapes and extra-large sizes

Technically difficult designs are our strength: we can make your privacy, glare and sun protection in any shape and size – with millimetre precision.


Combine hardware and design in functional, elegant form: your sun protection system can be integrated technically and visually into your building or facade.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Your sun protection reduces your building's energy consumption. It is also inexpensive to maintain, is made of long-lasting materials and can largely be recycled.

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